Motu One

A Visit to Motu One
BB Motu One 002
We spuddled across the lagoon exactly one mile to reach Motu One, pronounced Onay – just visible from Beez.
BB Motu One 003
As we got closer we could see this motu was a low relief sandbar.
BB Motu One 010  BB Motu One 024
Very different landing Baby Beez on soft sand. Our first motu Tuitui we had landed on millions of pieces of hard coral skeletons, here just handfuls sprinkled about the place. Looking right we could see the edge of Tubuai and the way we had come into the island. Looking left we could see the rock shelf and in the distance more established motu with trees.
BB Motu One 040
Quite a special circum-ped, cloud and sea watching.
BB Motu One 041  BB Motu One 046
Incredible colours.
BB Motu One 021
Behind us, looking seaward, the Pacific was calm, not the raging waves we had on Tuitui.
BB Motu One 018  BB Motu One 019  BB Motu One 009
The flat rock shelf extended halfway on the eastern side, worn by shells, sand and sea.
BB Motu One 036
To the west, just sand with bits of coral showing.
BB Motu One 012  BB Motu One 022  BB Motu One 023
In the centre, two pools with evidence around of chaps nearby.
BB Motu One 034  BB Motu One 048  BB Motu One 050
Hundreds of tiny chaps in fancy houses.
BB Motu One 014  BB Motu One 037  BB Motu One 030
The hermit crabs have clearly done better than the plants, the few firs were burnt to a crisp. The rows of coconuts had taken root but were struggling. The Coca Cola can markers had the expiry date of December 2013 giving some clue as to when they had been set.
BB Motu One 061

Mount Hanareho known as the Laying Man, at thirteen hundred feet and semicircular in shape, shows the volcanic origins of Tubuai last active about nine million year ago.

BB Motu One 065  BB Motu One 038
On our way back across the beautiful blue water, Bear suggested walking to the next village, but the approaching squall was clear to see.
BF Rain 001
Just as well we went home as half an hour later Mount Hanareho disappeared and it poured.
BF Rain 004  BF Rain 005  BF Rain 006
BF Rain 007
And did it rain, hopefully clearing the skies for us to leave tomorrow.
                    A SANDY PARADISE