Lunch Date Sabang

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 17 Feb 2019 23:37
Lunch Date Sabang
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It still feels very strange to have left an island behind but face the same one, well that’s what a horseshoe shape will do. As we return ‘to the other side’ on the morrow we decided to lunch ashore and see if we could find a tuktuk to see the Zero Kilometre Monument. A lovely little spuddle across to beach Baby Beez and soon on the high street....... Little shops and a petrol station as Bear went in to see if Coke Zero could be found.
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At the end of the street to our right we saw Miftah Souvenir and on a hunch went up the steps, a winding path took us past a guesthouse or two.
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At the end of the path, down some steps and we popped out at the next beach. The only other yacht here was just leaving and we could see Beez on the Rubiah side.
Beez Neez sits quietly at anchor.
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A few ‘One Careful Owners’. That’s a bit harsh calling those gravestones ‘One Careful Owner’. What are you talking about, those two on the right picture.......Don’t not be foolish, Sir, they are old monitors AND when did you see a shiny, glass gravestone before. Oh.
We carried on a little and beyond a building site was – by random chance – Dee Dee’s.
Dee Dee’s had been recommended to us by fellow sailors Claudia and Craig.
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Dee Dee was very welcoming and we were soon settled at a low table with incredibly low plastic chairs but Beez was opposite. Perfect. We enjoyed watching a group of children playing (with nothing) but having a great time.
Not until I got up did I realise why, if I leaned forward, the front legs of my chair splayed open, so I had leaned back. Bear had a set local meal, chicken and chips for me, four drinks and a smashing view, all for the princely sum of seven pounds and two pence. Marvellous.
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Meanwhile, the construction, around a tree, was coming along a pace. Someone clearly didn’t measure twice and cut once but never mind, an extension....
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Back the way we come, passing a typical house and a cafe sign.
Along the path, back through Miftah’s and to find a tuktuk.
                     LOVELY, TRANQUIL AND TASTY