Namrole Welcome

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 3 Aug 2016 22:27
Namrole Welcome Ceremony
A longboat, driver and Citee, our guide arrived at ten to take us ashore. The front was festooned with flags and brightly coloured gazebos.
Little ones in their smart school uniform had been given the day off to welcome us, seen swinging flags and waving. Many pictures of the Regent along the wall behind them.
We all settled, dignitaries on the right.
Next Namrole marching band did a very good turn.
IMG_1211  IMG_1213
The big drums became a platform, then one of the drummers made a crab support.
Nice formation.......
IMG_1215  IMG_1216
.........and off they went.
The picture on the right is the Bollywood style shot of Mr and Mrs Regent.
IMG_1219  IMG_1220
Next were a group who danced very prettily.
Mr Regent taking a photograph.
IMG_1223  IMG_1224  IMG_1225
A lady went to the stage to say some words, Raymond (rally coordinator) nipped up and said a few words and Mr Regent was the final speaker.
IMG_1226  IMG_1227
The final group danced and then did the what we call the ‘clack clack’ dance. The poles are clacked twice together, twice on the ground, separated and clacked on the ground, at the same time nimble feet hop in and out of the gap made between the poles. Some moves so much like watching a Scottish sword dance.
 IMG_1229  IMG_1230
We were all asked to dance. Bev just about to go into action. Michael danced with Mrs Regent.
The children formed a guard around the edge.
More and more people arrived.
A hearty lunch, cakes and melon to follow. 
IMG_1234  IMG_1233  IMG_1235
As we were eating the little ones came up to introduces themselves, all had been taught to say “my name is........, what is yours”.
IMG_1237  IMG_1238
This very confident young lady introduced her sister and herself. Young dudes.
IMG_1309  IMG_1310
Bear, now in traditional headgear, was a huge success on the photograph front. The rain stopped so many of us decided to stretch our legs. Our guides – one per boat all came too, they said we could walk to the market, sounded like a plan.
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