Day 7 to Fiji

Very Exciting Bits and Bobs
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My Zeddy Bear. Take your glasses off, no I’m not going to sleep. Yeahhhh right.
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Bear checked the engine and found one of the injector feed pipe connecters gently squidging diesel, a mucky business in the collection tray that he drained. Tightening the naughty nuts the said injector ‘bit’ him – our first bruise or wound this whole trip....... Talking about bites, my encounter with the white-tailed spider was three weeks ago today. I still sport quite a hole but the good news is no more pain in my armpit or up into my neck. I put yesterdays blog on then set about the veg business. Settled in the cockpit, potatoes, carrots, swede and pumpkin were given the once over. Later, the captain settled to steak and kidney stew and must have enjoyed it as he let me win five one and pull back some of my lost dollars. Huh, the stew was gorgeous but I felt no desire to ‘let’ you win. Anyhoo.
At seven thirty I asked permission to go for a tinkle – polite, as I was on watch. Oh, the sea was so nice I left handle up. Ooo, my eyebrows shot up but I said nothing as I watched Beez nose - not only going up and down but some sharp swings to the left. Mmmm. It is our usual habit to close the toilet inlet pipe and leave only a few spoonful's of water in the bottom of the pan. When we need to, we open the tiny cupboard outside in the bedroom, lift the handle, use, flush and close said handle, pump out to the said spoonful’s once more. I saw a couple of cupful’s when I opened the lid and rather than go against the skippers wish I left said handle in the upright position but did pump out to the few spoonful’s, knowing that I would be going to bed at ten. Ten o’clock came and down I went, opened the lid and my, oh my the water was flush with the top of the toilet, Beez did a quick buck left and I was pumping like a demented first mate. Fifteen minutes later I went to report. Oh I’ll let you have an extra ten minutes in bed then. Furious......... have you ever seen anyone run at a captain brandishing a toilet pump handle.
Bear has.
Steady Bear, Steady.
Overnight we both ended up motor-sailing in some very strange currents. I had a void followed by quite a squall ending up with a bit of a detour to the left.
I missed this mornings sunrise – it happened after I had gone to bed. Bed was quite a laugh as I started like a starfish and took off, just the once.
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I jumped up at ten very excited to finish the final few lines of the back of my cardy, beautifully modeled by my assistant. Shouldn’t that be modeled by my beautiful assistant. Whatever......
Noon summary:   Slow for the available wind but very peaceful.  
Noon position:     21:19.20 South and 178:05.10 East
Noon to Noon:     132 nautical miles
Miles Covered:     902 nautical miles
Miles to Go:        282 nautical miles.
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The best treat was the Fijian flag ceremony. Wow.
                     GETTING NEARER