Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 6 Dec 2012 23:16
Laughing Bird Caye After Lunch
PB Snorkel Belize 118  PB Snorkel Belize 122
I was warming in the sun, the rest of our group joined me when we were called to see this little moray eel playing in the shallows
Captain Bo-Bo laid on mild jerk chicken stew, fried plantains, beans and rice, juice or water and very good it was too. After a rest it was time to explore the other end of this tiny island paradise. The water must be teeming with fish as the numbers of Pelican successes was so high.
PB Snorkel Belize 103  PB Snorkel Belize 100
PB Snorkel Belize 101  PB Snorkel Belize 137
We were on the sunshine side of the island, very bright, fish numbers grew and grew until.....
PB Snorkel Belize 141
We were in hundreds.........
PB Snorkel Belize 155
.................then thousands
PB Snorkel Belize 151
............. and a Bear
PB Snorkel Belize 148
In this cloud of fish we could just make out a cruising tarpon
PB Snorkel Belize 156
Lovely, healthy reef
PB Snorkel Belize 158
A couple of massive tarpon in deeper water
PB Snorkel Belize 131  PB Snorkel Belize 164
A yellow-finned tuna passed by and this ‘itch arse’ almost got in my face mask with me – no comment
PB Snorkel Belize 166  PB Snorkel Belize 154  PB Snorkel Belize 183 
Him gone, well flippered away, a couple of barracuda smiled and it was time for me to head to the shallows once more
PB Snorkel Belize 179
Not before I saw this dainty cowfish going about his business.
PB Snorkel Belize 186
A picture I will never forget, but I will be reminding all the Mr and Mrs Pecalins we see in the future, that this is the place to move. We have always been saddened to see them dive from great heights and miss. Each dive takes them one closer to the end result of cataracts and eventual death as they lose their sight – well look – no excuses, here you can fall from about two feet and be guaranteed of a pouch full each time and every time.
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We bade farewell to the others and watched as Captain Bo-Bo roared off – Baileys o’clock then
                     AN EXCELLENT DAY