Day 9 to Fiji

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 4 Jun 2015 12:00
Really Getting Nearer
13:00, just as I reappeared ‘from down below’ - having just sent yesterdays blog, the excited call of the captain Land Ahoy. Music to my ears. We could make out Kanduva Island, sadly not a check-in place or Beez would have been on her way. Another quick day passed, Bear finished his stew and fought tooth and nail to arrive at four all on the backgammon theatre of battle. Some risky moves from me in a ‘this may or may not work out’ proved successful. Huh.
Sunset went from reds and oranges to very soft pinks, unusual as this evening it was at the back of us. Very strange for the moon to blaze out to the left of Beez nose. I came on at two after what seemed like the bed was cantering around the room. Lightning. Mmmm. Out to my left I could see white pulsing glows every three or four minutes. The wind picked up to gusts in the high twenties and I was pleased to see the flashing slowly begin to appear behind me. An hour later all was settled but the sea stayed a bit on the lumpy side. I listened to more Ancient Mythology and finished the Trojan War just as Bear arrived for his morning shift.
Some cunning tacks show a lovely zig-zag track but in the huge current we were not getting anywhere fast. We could be doing this traditional stuff for several days to come, however, Bear rolled the genoa in and we are now purposefully motoring to get on the course line once more. Hopefully, when we get more into the islands we will make better progress to get in tomorrow afternoon. If not a gentle loll overnight for a Saturday entry.
Noon summary:   Motoring more or less into windward 
Noon position:     18:32.74 South and 179:00.22 East
Noon to Noon:     100 nautical miles
Miles Covered:     1123 nautical miles
Miles to Go:        137 nautical miles
                     BOTH LOOKING FORWARD TO A SWIM