Day 3 to SA

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 3 Nov 2019 06:00
16:38.327S  40:09.496E
Day Three to SA
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Our overnight passenger decided he had not had enough sleep and after trying to settle uncomfortably on the granny bar outside he remembered his snug cockpit, at 06:30 he was once more soundo snuggled against our shower towels.
IMG_0018 (2)
Suddenly, he moved to my ring cushion and head under his arm stayed for a couple of hours more before fluffing, shaking, preening and taking off. We’ll miss him and wish him well.
IMG_0019 (2)
Our little visitor had clearly exhausted Bear.......The Leak Saga raised its head and from midday we were emptying the little measuring jug every half an hour, from two this morning I checked it every hour but as the waves have settled so has the pesky dripping ingress.........
Bear ate well (unusual when we begin a long journey), our shift patterns are well defined and smooth.
I went to bed at 14:00 and as we had had no splashes snuck the bedroom window open an inch (silly me), I put the shade half way, the netting the other half. At a quarter to three about a gallon of water hit me, soaking the bed, pillows and the towel I was sleeping on. More washing to the growing pile of towels used on the end of the office seat where the leak is proving to be a real pain.
I suddenly had a flash of inspiration, after being fed up with the little measuring jug falling out depositing its contents on the floor again..... (yet another towel) with the current arrangement. I replaced it with a cut off Coke bottle funnel into a big storage container all duck taped to the seat wall. Drip, drip, drip. Thank and bless Valerie Singleton and all she taught me about sticky backed plastic and empty water bottles. At least we think we now know the cause: the seal at the top of the black line, Jimmy did a good job but the sealant has obviously begun to degrade
18:00 to 22:00 wind to 21 knots, fairly big seas but speed anything from 3.3 to 8 knots. We hope to find the southerly current in the middle of the night which will allow us to run parallel to the coast of Mozambique.
At six this morning after a comfortable but slow night motor-sailing we are twenty five miles off the coast and finally heading along it. We did manage a fairly respectable 124.4 nmiles, happy with that.
                     LEAK PATROLLER STEPPED UP