Quite a Building

Quite a Building, Solid, Strong and Built to Last
CP Ashore Palmerston 086
A strapping building, must find out more.....
BB Ashore Palmerston 067  BB Ashore Palmerston 040
The previous church moved two hundred yards down the ‘main street’ whilst the ancient water tank and strapping house stood rock solid during a cyclone. The concrete water tank is one of many built around the northern group by French contractor, Louis Brell, whose daughter married into the Marsters Clan.
BB Ashore Palmerston 071
CP Ashore Palmerston 034  CP Ashore Palmerston 008
Tae Pae (Good Leg) – his left leg was badly injured above the ankle (but he flatly refused to let ‘them’ amputate it), hurt it when he was retrieving the massive branch from the tree, that went on to make the impressive table in the yacht club – phew, keep up....holds the keys. His mum used to live in the house and when she died, inherited the building, he readily agreed to open up for us to “look inside.” He would very much like to turn it into a museum but cannot get his family to agree, help, sort......etc.etc. The island people here seem to all be able to argue in an empty paper bag....... So for now he uses it as a store shed.
BB Ashore Palmerston 072
Not a bit of damp and still smelt of a sea going girl.
BB Ashore Palmerston 073  BB Ashore Palmerston 075
However much do these beams weigh ???
CP Ashore Palmerston 094
Very neatly built.
CP Ashore Palmerston 098
A natty window.
CP Ashore Palmerston 088
Patriarch of the clan, William, and his sons gathered the wood from the remains of wrecks which struck the reefs around Palmerston and set to work building the first house on the island. Despite numerous hurricanes, the old house stands firmly planted.
CP Ashore Palmerston 096  CP Ashore Palmerston 090  CP Ashore Palmerston 099  BB Ashore Palmerston 069
Substantial nails and hinges.
BB Ashore Palmerston 068 
CP Ashore Palmerston 091  CP Ashore Palmerston 092
There is evidence of age so.....................
BB Ashore Palmerston 070  BB Ashore Palmerston 076
CP Ashore Palmerston 100
Considering it is over a hundred years old, for the most part, is in good order.
CP Ashore Palmerston 101
................We may have to be enter it into the ‘shack with a view’ category in this years ‘One Careful Owner’.