To Noumea

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Mon 9 Nov 2015 23:57
To Noumea, New Caledonia
IMG_9026  IMG_9027
We sat and enjoyed sunrise in the cockpit eating our cereal, a lovely start to the day.
At seven o’clock we were on the move, leaving White Bay behind. Just before supper the wind stopped and we had a really good nights sleep.
A herd of sea birds came to entertain us.
Our first look at Noumea – is that a tower block or two.........My, my, seems such a long time since we have seen this vista.
We turned right at a strange looking lump, seen behind us here.
The full picture behind us.
After we had passed a mooring field to our left we saw a working girl, out for maintenance.
Ahead of us a chum.
To our right Port Moselle Marina. Bear radioed in and a nice lady told us to head to A24 Visitors Pontoon and help would be there to take our ropes. I slowed for the skipper to get fenders ready, fold down our ‘ears’ – solar panels and thumbs up, in I went. This is a massive marina, always busy and a popular place for the locals to book for the cyclone season. We have fingers crossed that we can stay while we sort ourselves out. The most important chore here is to sort out our Australian Visas. That done, we hope to see a bit of modern city life, visit the museums, zoo and aquarium. Oh and to get Beez spick and span for our Australian check in.
As we entered the marina we saw two working girls on our left.
Minutes later we were settled. Georges and Cedric helped Bear, the boys spoke very good English but odd to hear a deep, French accent after so long. They pointed to the various offices he would need to present himself. Ralph, [a German] on the boat next door introduced himself and apologised for the oil drums on the pontoon. He had left Vanuatu and four days out realised he had been sold very dodgy diesel, so he diverted here to have it drained and replaced with new. He asked where we were headed and a thousand miles seemed a respectable distance to Sydney. He hopes to leave on Wednesday straight to Bali. Our jaws dropped and I managed to ask how long will that take ??? “Oh six to seven weeks, I’ve had enough of the Pacific.” Well. What can you say other than safe trip. Alan from Zebedee came bouncing along, all smiles. He is checking out on the morrow heading back to New Zealand on Wednesday. Bear went to the marina office. We can stay put unless there is an influx of visiting yachts or a pre-booked local wants our place ready for the 1st of December to batten down. Fingers crossed. Bear came back and Quarantine would follow. Melanie appeared, a lovely lady who spoke very good English, she took a few tomatoes and eggs, filled in her forms and that was that. In the morning Bear has to take himself into town to do the Immigration bit and if Customs doesn’t show up, not to worry. Off he went again and came back with new eggs and tomatoes, a wonderful smelling French stick and a box of chocolate pains. Marvellous.
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