Eva to Bed 2018

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 13 Sep 2018 22:47
Eva to Bed for the Rest of 2018, 2019 and a Bit
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Margaret’s Family Tree finished at three this morning, YAY, power nap and we both woke at eight ready for the big push to get Eva settled hopefully for the next eighteen months. Hopefully means that by the next time we see her Beez Neez would have safely carried us from Malaysia to Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, BIOT (Chagos in the British Indian Ocean Territory), Seychelles, Madagascar, Mayotte, possibly Comores, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, possibly Namibia, St Helena, possibly Brazil, French Guyana, Surinam, Guyana and Trinidad to claim our circumnavigation (GULP, swallow, Yehaa, ambition achieved – AMAZING) and then up the Caribbean chain to Antigua.
Meanwhile, we finish our last bits of packing. Big black case of thirty kilos – complete. Yellow hard case of sixteen kilos – complete. Bear’s Billabong case overstuffed with clothing needs until we fly (to be left at Kate’s) – ongoing....... All cleaning, drying and emptying done for Eva I went to put the bedding on to wash and shower. Bear moved the car following Steve pulling Eva to the caravan storage area. Well done Bear for taking these pictures
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Steve is joined by his wife Marie for the manoeuvre to get Eva onto two lines of paving slabs.
Expertly done.
Marie comes to me (locked out of the compound) with the tumble dryer money from Bear.
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Steve puts Eva’s feet down and Beds get ready to say ‘farewell’ to Beauffie and Henry.
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Marie gave me the gate key and I return to Eva, clean washing put in the car to go into store, to find Bear laying down on the job. He was actually putting the first axle stand in place so Eva’s tyres don’t stay put in the same position with all the weight. It was a tight squeeze to do the other side but a bit of wiggling – success. Corner supports down and I could carry on indoors. 
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Wheel slightly off the floor, the next job was to wrap the windows so the cover doesn’t scratch them. We ran out of the ‘proper’ stuff so two of the front windows were bubble wrapped.
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Big job was the cover going on making sure the window covers stayed put. Lots of giggling but all done. Straps fed under to me on the other side with Bear’s ingenious creation – my end held on to the end of the cover prop with an elastic band – shouldn’t that be rubber band.... don’t make me growl.
The back story. When Aunty Lynn (Bear’s Practise Manager) used to ring when his room became “too crowded”, I used to sneak in just after two and be gone just before four on the said ‘called in Friday’ to declutter his nest whilst ‘is nibs was doing / performing vasectomies.........The first such Friday saw me leave with three black sacks........included contents were black, perished rubber bands he had kept since medical school. Bearing in mind he trained in the days before Fleming was given his first junior microscope and Marie Curie still had all her fingers the rubber bands were brittle and as I pulled them exploded into many, many pieces. Request forms from the year dot, more name badges from attending a variety of meetings than I could shake a stick at and so much more. I think you are being harsh. My foot, three black sacks witnessed by Aunty Lynn who was too soft on you to do it herself........
Cover all done, Bear washed his hands in the bit of water I saved in the bowl, that emptied, dried and replaced. All cupboards open, fridge clean, dry and open, ditto the toilet.......quite a list. All done and dusted by ten to four. Off to the storage unit, picnic late lunch and then to Miffy’s to say ‘farewell’. I’m going to be strict with myself and keep saying “we are just going to Winchester, we are just going to Winchester” and if I drive I’ll have something to get concentrating on. Painful but hopefully not tearful......
I did indeed drive away from Miff, Rachel, Andrew and Edward after the hour we spent with them, a stabbing pain in my heart but just the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic to cross before we can be home for extended periods each and every year to come in the future.
Mind you, it was bad enough watching Beds at his farewells and kissing Eva............
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After a sneaky pit stop for KFC, Bear put our bits in the little studio fridge, I drew a hot bath for hardworking Bear as Beds scuttled at high speed to settle in front of the television by ten o’clock.
                     JOB NEATLY DONE