Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 6 Apr 2013 22:57
Pablo’s Barbecue
BB Pablo's BBQ 002
Today we did a couple of chores. Bear’s main one was to receive two big jerry cans of diesel, via our agent and delivered by one of the water taxi chaps. He syphoned and filtered into our cans and paid five dollars a gallon, expensive but the going rate is six, so a little bit of a bargain.
BB Pablo's BBQ 003  BB Pablo's BBQ 007
BB Pablo's BBQ 006
After lunch we nipped  ashore, my turn to be up close and personal – this time with Lewis. There will come a time very soon when we will simply have to stop taking shots of these cute little furries.
BB Pablo's BBQ 001
We met the crew of Rendezvous over a couple of beers in Comidor’s, I put a few blogs on and watched the sunset. Home for a shower to be ready for this evenings BBQ at Pablo’s.

BB Pablo's BBQ 012

BB Pablo's BBQ 015  BB Pablo's BBQ 014

BB Pablo's BBQ 009  BB Pablo's BBQ 013

We met many cruisers, German, Swiss, French, South African, Australia and Tasmanian. The ‘do’ was at Pablo’s house and he did a good job of arranging to feed so many people. Drinks were a dollar and he served three meats, salad, pasta, boiled potatoes and a complimentary Cuba libre.


BB Pablo's BBQ 010

A local band came to entertain us. Very similar style to Peruvian music.


BB Pablo's BBQ 019

Walking the short distance to the water taxi, guess what we saw – and lots of them. Looking left and...............


BB Pablo's BBQ 021


..........................looking right. The smell was beyond bad.


BB Pablo's BBQ 020

All shapes, sizes and ages, snoring, sneezing, passing wind. Mmmmm nice.


BB Pablo's BBQ 022

The Council have built a fountain that represents a map of the archipelago. Standing on Isabella was this little chap, cooling his feet.


BB Pablo's BBQ 024

The main pier resembled a flop house


BB Pablo's BBQ 025

Lance sounded like an old tramp – coughing, wheezing and grouching about how it was when he was young.


BB Pablo's BBQ 028

The pretty bit before the water taxi jetty was strewn too.


BB Pablo's BBQ 030

Waiting for the taxi we saw a first for us – a group of golden ray, not very big but very mobile.


BB Pablo's BBQ 035

We stood for ages watching this amazing flight


BB Pablo's BBQ 036.