Bob's Peak

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 20 Aug 2014 22:47
Bob's Peak
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Behind our campsite is the zipline, had to do it, had to get up to it. Bimbled to the cable car, loaded and within seconds we were whooshed up in the air.
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En route we passed The Ledge, a 154 foot drop from a platform suspended out away from the side of the hill, now that’s what we call a bungy jump. Soon we dismounted at the top and had a couple of hours to explore before we had to check in for our descent.


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I found a friend, Bear found the bar, we found the view.





On the lake we watched our old friend the TSS Earnslaw.





Outside we started by looking down on Mabel, back van of the only line of three.





This made us laugh, just as I was about to press ‘click’ to take a picture of the overhanging restaurant, this couple appeared and posed.



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We moved around the building a little, we looked down on the walking track and watched the Skyline cable car for a while. Opened in 1987, the Dopplemayr gondolas carry up to four people. There are thirty five gondolas capable of bringing up eleven hundred people an hour. The cable size is 35mm and a total length of 1540 metres. The angle of incline has an average of 37.1 degrees, climbing from the base station at 340 metres above sea level to the top station at 790 metres above sea level at 4 metres per second on a drive motor EMOD 192 kilowatt A/C variable speed. Moving a bit more we watched the busy luge station.



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Back inside there was an original gondola and a very fancy wall. Time for a snack.



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Jelly Bean Art.


Bean Around the World. This artistic rendition of the map of the world was assembled by hand and took more than eighty hours to produce. It comprises over twenty five thousand jelly beans in twenty eight different colours and flavours. Nearby was Frodo, Lord of the Beans. Taking inspiration from JRR Tolkien books and ensuing Lord of the Rings films by Sir Peter Jackson, this image depicts the devotion of Frodo to the ring. This jelly bean materpiece took over one hundred hours to produce, using more than twenty thousand beans.



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Once more out in the sunshine a little chap came to say hello as we watched people shoot by on the luge.





The view, what could we see. Queenstown of course. The tongue shaped blob beyond Queenstown Bay are the Gardens. The round blob is the Golf Club moving upward to Kelvin Heights, then the snow-dusted Remarkables to the top left where Double Cone stands at 7,688 feet. Lake Wakatipu, length 48 miles, greatest width is 3 miles, greatest depth is 1239 feet, area covers 112 square miles with an average temperature of 11.5 degrees Centigrade. Far right is Cecil Peak at 6477 feet. We are standing 1496 feet above the town and 2500 feet above sea level. Now to go and log in for our zipline trip down Bob’s Peak, while we waited for our turn we watched the fliers. 


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