New Sharpener

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 19 Oct 2017 22:47
New Shinkansen Sharpener with a View
On our first Bullet Train we saw a little chap like this on sale for ten pounds – but he was a stapler and we couldn’t justify him. Settled in our room after our Otaru bimble, Bear thought he may be able to get his glasses repaired in one of the many opticians in the shopping centre that is accessed from the first floor – off he went. Soon back he reported that he had failed with his eyes as the screw holding the arm on had sheered, I’ll have to drill it out when I get back to Beez and I’ll just have to keep going with my reactalite’s but (oh you can never tell what will finish a sentence like this......) I found a calendar for you in Daiso, in fact so many you’ll have to come and choose. Daiso is the Japanese equivalent to the Pound Shop, so off we went, out of reception, up one floor on the escalator and there I was in a huge wonderland. With help I carefully chose my calendar (I have to have the numbers go from left to right and a box I can write in each day, the same performance when I chose my diary (bought in the UK) – some habits just wont die........Bear found the little chap above, for a pound how could I say no.
IMG_6218  IMG_6219  IMG_6220
This morning we did a full demonstration with a view. It came about because we had an empty water bottle but most plastic bottles these days have a similar size screwy-on-bit, so on he was screwed. That done, his little nose cone door was flapped down and in went a pencil.
IMG_6221  IMG_6222  IMG_6223
My beautiful assistant then rotated his object in the hole......
IMG_6224  DoctorYellowPencilSharpener-AttachedBottleView
Shavings began to appear in the bottom of the bottle. SO impressed was I that Bear was immediately dispatched to buy fourteen for the grandbabies. On his return, he showed me a mixture of blue/white and yellow/black (We sneakily may have to swap our demonstrator model for a Beez Neez coloured Shinkansen Train sharpener. Wow. OK after that excitement we had to have a cup of tea and a tranquil time staring at the view...........
A little friend came spuddling in, to add to our view.
                     AWESOME ON ALL COUNTS