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Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Sun 26 Aug 2018 22:57
Josh and Ben at Flip Out in Blackburn
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Ben was in charge of feeding Mrs Mallard this morning, rain, yet more rain had us playing in the awning until after lunch when we headed to Blackburn to Flip Out. Safety briefing video watched, sock on we couldn’t believe our eyes at the size of the place. Ben and I take a second to pose before we explore.
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Ben takes a flying leap to join Josh in a foam pit. To the left are the stunt trampolines, to the middle left is a football net and then basketball nets and beyond is a Ninja Wall Challenge. To the middle back are what I call ‘real’ trampolines and in front is a jump over and duck under joisting circle. Away to the far right is an area of solid trampolines. A laser light obstacle course. To our right a different challenge area and tucked in the right corner are a few foam pits. The place is Ginormous.....
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Following Josh to the stunt area.
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The sign says “No Triples”, I’m pleased neither Josh nor Ben want to try a single somersault, happy to watch them jump, scamper and launch.
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Josh ready for battle, wins and then loses.
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Half time drink.
For our second hour we virtually had the place to ourselves.
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Laser light challenge.
IMG_0078  IMG_0079  IMG_0081  IMG_0082
Basketball practise.
IMG_0045  IMG_0084
Ready for the machine to begin, a chap presses the button and one minute they are jumping a padded beam, the next ducking under the opposite arm. The chap is cheeky though, the arm swings faster and faster and all of a sudden the chap reverses things. The boys did really well but eventually Josh was out as he had ducked and all too quickly the low arm came back to push him off his station. Such fun to watch.
 IMG_0028  IMG_0023
More jousting and giggling.
IMG_0102  IMG_0103
Tired, hot Warriors ready for a sit down.
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