Great Lineup

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Tue 10 Nov 2015 23:57
Immigration, Shopping, Chores, New Flag and Visa Applications
We jumped up this morning and after breakfast Bear bimbled off to find the Immigration office to complete our log in to New Caledonia. While he was gone I settled to my list – a very long one. All the cupboards and lockers are going to be emptied, cleaned and tidied ready for our inspection by the Australian Quarantine Officer. First item, the savoury tin locker, soon all our cans were on the floor and the scrubbing sponge was moving at speed. By the time Bear got back the sea toilet was drying after its going over. Up until now it has been used as a larder, now empty and shining. We ate lunch and went out for some shopping. Well, colour me happy, tinned mushrooms – a base necessity for me to use in so many dishes and stews, we came home sporting six. I was down to my last three and wondered how I was going to ration them until we get to Australia. Bear bought himself some olives, bought me some Parma ham and we treated ourselves to a thin wedge of Comte cheese – the queen of all cheeses. I beat Bear five nil on the backgammon board and then I remembered the flag business.
When Bear appeared in the cockpit the other day with the flags he had three in his paws. I found this in the New Cal section of the box but it isn’t labelled. Always a stickler is our captain aboard the good ship Beez Neez. I had obviously bought the flag and silly me, assumed it had a written label on it.......... We couldn’t find it in the flag book so rather than drop a gaff, Bear hoisted the French flag with the yellow ‘Q’ flag. I checked on line and indeed our mystery flag is the one for New Caledonia. Bear went to take down the yellow flag and at the same time removed the French one and Beez now proudly flies this jaunty little number.
The rest of the afternoon sped by. Next on our target was to sit and fill in the online Visa application for Australia. I settled on the bed, laptop at the ready, Bear gathered several bits of information and our Passports. An hour later both our eighteen page forms had been completed, sent and immediate email receipts received. This is fast turning into a very successful day. Tasty supper accompanied by our treats, a couple of episodes of Harry’s Law and night, night all.