Langkawi Sky Bridge

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Wed 14 Dec 2016 23:57
The Langkawi Sky Bridge
The Sky Bridge.
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 There was a perfectly good little truck to take us down to the skywalk from the cable car but no, we voted to walk – or rather Helen told us we were “for the exercise”.....
On one of the steep bits Mark got to be in charge of Helen’s voluminous handbag.
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A wry smile at the sign telling us not to tease the monkeys and a grateful smile when we saw the eight minute sign.
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On the first straight and looking back at Bear and the cable car.

Design and layout: The bridge is 125 meters long, and 1.8 meters wide (the middle section has a wider walkway), with two steel railings as well as steel wire mesh on either side. It is designed as a curved walkway to maximise the viewing experience, providing shifting perspective as a visitor walks along the bridge. The walkway, formed of steel and concrete panels set on top of an inverted triangular truss, connects two hilltops at Gunung Mat Chinchang.





The skywalk is made up of five sections each of twenty five metres – the first and last are straight with three sets of curves in the middle. At each end of the walkway, the bridge has a three point six metre-wide triangular viewing platform that serves as resting and viewing areas for visitors. The bridge is suspended by eight cables from an eighty one and a half metre high single pylon, and hangs at about a hundred metres above ground. The pylon is anchored onto a concreted pad set at an elevation of 604.5 metres, and its tip reached 686 metres above sea level. It is inclined at angles of 78 degrees and 2 degrees in two directions, and supported by two cables. The bridge is designed to carry a maximum capacity of 200 persons. 





Looking over


Construction: The bridge was pre-fabricated, and sections were then lifted to the top of the mountain using Russian Kamov helicopters, and the entire bridge assembled in its current position by the pylon. Helicopters were used in the erection of the pylons and the main section of the deck, later decks sections however were assembled using more conventional working cable and winch system. The bridge roughly cost $1.2 million dollars to construct. The bridge was constructed in 12 months between August 2003 and August 2004. It was opened to the public on February 2005. The bridge was closed in July 2012 for maintenance and upgrading. The reopening was put off several times, but it partially reopened in February 2015.



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We finally got ‘the rogues’ to pose on the glass viewing pane.

So there we were taking in the view. A little movement under the blue arrow.
Zooming in I saw a black dot as did everyone.
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Before I got a chance to focus, the little lady had a visitor.......and he was off leaving her calling.
Within minutes he had returned with a gift for her. A meet cute.
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Mark and Helen and the picture they took of us.
Now for the climb back to the top. Exercise done for the day – hopefully.