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Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 25 Apr 2016 22:57
RIP Knick-Knocks and a Surprise Visitor
Another very windy and squally night, I woke at about three when everything went totally silent, the wind and water noise simply stopped dead. Mmmm. I had just turned over and was just dropping off when my friend started snoring, despite his snore ring. Well, that proves that a roast dinner with a couple of glasses of red does damage to my night. After a few sharp prods and ‘himself’ turned over, peace was restored. I tried to settle and .......the wind set up once more, this time with bit more force, even anger. I reached over the now ‘sleeping like a baby’ for his IPad – seems he has an App for just about everything, but I’m rather charmed with this one – Anchor Watch. We sleep at the front and can hear if anything untoward occurs at the hook end, only twice in our sixteen years of sailing have we ever put the main machinery on and set the anchor alarm. Well now we can check as and when we fancy. IPad returned to position.......could I go off, oh well, I listened to a few chapters of my book eventually settling at about half five. On waking I regaled my restless night. I haven’t had red for ages, I’ve been having rose. Guess what, you’re sticking to rose. Guilt must have tapped the shoulder as I was offered boiled eggs with my cup of tea. The next bit of the day was quite traumatic.........
IMG_5267  IMG_5268
After a thorough good go at my ablutions I opened my top drawer, there at the pinnacle of the left hand pile were my very, very favourites. These beauties have been there for me for at least twenty thousand miles, through storms, a hospital visit and many a good day, simply the most comfy things in the world. I pulled them on and my thumb went through the now see-through thin material. Oh dear me, dear, dear me. I laid them out for a final photograph. Good Lord........... they cover half the table. Sharp intake of breath. Have you ever seen anyone spin on the spot with the speed of a cornered tiger. Paint Pepe’s face a deep shade of threat and menace. I’ll have you know sir, that these Bridget’s have served me loyally for many a year. It comes to something in life when you feel compared in equal affection to a pair of bloomers. What was that. Nothing dear, nothing.
I asked himself to check a blog and went to put the kettle on, a heavily loaded cappuccino was needed to steady the now frazzled nerves. I turn round OOOOOOO, himself wearing my now retired knick-knocks. I am going to get really cross and quite violent now, the need to aid my fist to connect with something in a bruising fashion has become overwhelming. Time for me to double-load the cappuccino for ‘herself’.
The day progressed badly, I lost four one at backgammon.
The rain stopped and we watched as a family passed by really slowly, heading as best as they could into wind. They looked perished and very wet.
Half way through a game of Upword, we saw a jet ski zooming toward us. The rider called out “Bula” what a wonderful surprise, Oscar. We had shared a table at the Coral Resort meke with Oscar and wife, Peta on the 22nd of August last year. The good man arrived with a map and an invite to use Zen II’s dock as she is still in Fiji. Lovely to catch up and of course he was made aware of my troubled morning.
IMG_5278  IMG_5280
Nice to see the skippers laughing. “Anyway, think about coming and give me a ring later”. With that the trusty steed was mounted.
IMG_5283  IMG_5286
A quick rev and off our visitor went, the ride would take about twenty minutes. We simply could not get over the fact that Oscar had come out, in awful conditions, to come and see us. We had decided to make a stop along the way before leaving the Seaway, so why not......... We rang and we are moving – for us about an hour up the road.
IMG_5292  IMG_5293
My afternoon progressed as my morning did with a loss BY TWO at our now finished game of Upword. You trounced me at Mexican train though. The heavens opened and it really poured, big squadgy drops. Four kite surfers gave it a shot but soon gave in, no-one could keep their kites up for more than a few minutes in the all-over-the-place wind.
The rest of the day.
There was no sunset simply because there was no sun.......
                     YET ANOTHER VERY MIXED DAY