Day 3 to St Helena

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 30 Jan 2020 06:00
30:29.32 S  13:19.48 E
Day 3 to St Helena
P1290047  P1290046
I got up to an overcast morning, we did get to see the sun but only fleeting visits, when it did shine the sea took on the most unreal of blues. I had a sour face at yet another loss at backgammon, may need a revenge match later.....
At lunch we finished the cottage pie, baked beans again but sooooo tasty.
P1290043  P1290048
Todays ‘Happy pictures’.
The revenge match did happen and I think Bear would have felt way too guilty to win. I slid in for a five three win. Growling. Don’t you dare. The wave crests at the top of the swell made for a few occasions of dancing pieces but I had demanded Bear’s shower towel rolled and placed under his side of the backgammon board to stop his ‘dodgy’ rolls on a more level playing field. That’s what did it for me then, shall I growl now. NO.
Crepuscular rays approaching sunset then the clouds closed off the main event.
A very pleasant afternoon and an uneventful 18:00 to 22:00 for me with the wind slightly more to give me 25.2 nmiles. Bear enjoyed his 22:00 – 02:00 covering 29 nmiles. Bear went to ‘proper’ bed at 02:00 and I settled for my favourite shift. Wind speeds 18 to 22 knots but no need to change direction, sea plumping up a little as I was enjoying my Desert Island Disc Archive.
At five this morning the clouds began to crack with the first chinks of daybreak (great as it isn’t really dark until 20:00 so a nice long day). Sneaky gusts to 27 knots but all was well until five thirty when a very cheeky wave caught me under the dodger, over the cockpit rim and all over the bench, sufficiently big to slop some water over my seat to give me a wet rear end and fill my fluffy slippers. Pick your own expletives at this point.........and I came in at 28.8 nmiles. Real snarling as well as growling loudly.
Bear came on at six and guess what ??? perfect conditions.......I’m off to bed......
At six this morning we have covered 141.5 nmiles.
Total completed 337.4 nautical miles.
                      SPEEDY ACROSS A BLUE OCEAN