First Day in Ambaru

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 23 Jul 2019 23:57
First Day in Ambaru Bay 
Our waking scenery.
We have new neighbours, hard to tell how many are aboard but at least eight, plenty of giggling and chatter from these happy locals.
No sooner than we stop than ‘stuff’ comes out.
After much grunting, getting stuck and a fair amount of cursing, the lounge table was upright once more. While that was going on I washed a tee shirt, two towels, three fluffy floor mats and and my ring seat. That proved to be a bit of challenge, so heavy when wet. It ended up tied to a granny bar. After lunch and a win at backgammon it was time to take ceiling panels down each side of Mr. Dickinson. I was heartbroken at the mess under the panel over the kitchen corner, it dripped, nothing for it but to take the vinyl off and dry the wood in the sun. More work needed there. The long panel over the lounge wasn’t too bad but needed a sunbathe. Bear put diesel in the tank and set about replacing the the bar and solar panel on the right side of the girl.
During Bear’s battle with the table he took all my sewing spares from the middle floor bin. Apparently the waves had sent water up as far as my bags – for the first time ever. Result, a lot more sorting, but not today.
In the afternoon, a local paddled over and asked for a piece of rope for this handsome hand of bananas. Bear handed over a dollar and a bit of old rope, I have never seen such fat ladies fingers. We started a game of Mex Train Doms but only managed the first round, the hobbled repair on the conservatory lamp failed....... Showers, supper and a couple of New Tricks. A quieter night with no rolling. Tomorrow another day at the bit. 
                     A GOOD START BUT MUCH TO DO