Penang Gala Dinner

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Mon 28 Nov 2016 23:57
Penang Gala Dinner
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It was our turn to pick Melian and Ian up and head in to the dinghy dock. We waited for the usual Hop On Hop Off that had been organised to drop us at an Indian restaurant not too far away. We settled behind Mark and Helen who looked so cute deep in conversation. A lovely little chap a few seats away posed like a professional model.
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Audible sighs and Ooooo’s as ladies noticed ‘a certain sign’ just as we entered the dual carriageway.
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As we passed ‘the sign’ on the front aspect of the massive mall those who hadn't Oooo’d before now did. All around us we saw new build projects.
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The height of the tower blocks is staggering with more being built. What did confuse us was passing a big swimming pool building with a sign that read: Pinang Swimming Pool, the Best in Penang. Had to ask a local about this, apparently Pinang is Malay, Penang is European and two can easily be interchanged......
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on entering the restaurant we were treated to a sari tying exhibition and henna painting. I settled with a steady lady, Sandy, opposite had a lady who moved like lightning – a weeks worth of temporary embellishment for two quid.
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The other lady had completed three patterns by the time mine could be ‘showed off’.
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What was fantastic at the Indian buffet was knowing the dishes and trusting that a korma would be mild, unlike the Indonesians who promised “no not hot spicy” and promptly watching your face burst into flames.... This is a very popular restaurant that is proud to cater for Multi-Racial needs. We all had a great laugh and a wonderful evening.
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Back to the Royal Selangkor Mall, through which we nip to get to the marina dinghy dock. Christmas is coming.
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