Saddle Bag

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 19 Feb 2015 23:57
Can You Knock Us Up a New Saddle Bag ???
BB Fort and Braai 112
Keen-eyed blog readers will remember the last saddle bag, given a new top back in 2012 in Guatemala. Well, the sun and the salt got to it – to such a point that if you touched it your finger disappeared into a dusty hole. Dry Rot or ultra violet decomposition??? Thank you captain. Anyhooo, what could be so hard about making a box, lid, fixer, pad with two requested pocket, one netting and one material please. Should only take a day........... OoooKaaaaayyyy, if only I knew what I was letting myself in for.
I thought I would use the original seat top - the first part of the plan, with a new piece of closed cell foam, off Bear went with the measurements. He also gave me the measurements 750mm wide and 9 inches deep. Excuse me skipper – you know I only work in old money and what’s with the mix of old and new.......... Paper and pen came out with the regulation pencil behind the ear. Drawings, sketches, ho-ing and humming. Yep ready to cut.
IMG_1751  IMG_1752  IMG_1747
The netting pocket was easy. This led me into a false sense of security. The solid pocket was a mare. I could have made a wedding dress in the time it took to fashion this little menace. Then I needed an embellishment – a must. I rummaged for a hour certain I had a button with a bee on it. Took my stowed sewing boxes out, no mean feat when they are hidden in the depths behind the the hanging clothes, why do shirts and dresses fight me so. All I could find was a bug, that will just have to do. Most of my problems came with using extra thick Sunbrella, talk about bent pins and sore fingers. I hate thimbles, used twice in my life and only under protest from fingers bleeding. Did I have one on Beez. Another hour searching, what did I find ??? a scabby little pink, plastic thimble that came with a tiny repair kit – from a Christmas Cracker. Not the Rolls Royce type I’m sure most seamstresses demand but......
IMG_1745  IMG_1746
Now, while all this is going on, can you just do this seam here for me. Yes sweetheart, with a cheesy I’m not going to hurt you this time but don’t push your luck, mate. Can you just finish this end for me. Muttering under breath and a couple of whispered bad words.......... Sir Hardy Amies or for that matter James Bond did not and does not have to put up with this sort of business during creative moments........... The nice thing though, not that I will tell him, is that when I call for manipulation, support or taking the weight and steering, you-know-who is there in a minute or two. Sometimes a few depending on where he is on the estate and what his hands are in at the time. The number of occasions I’ve heard........ Um, just got to finish such-and-such......... and........... just got to wash my hands they have been in......... But there he is. Give us one of your so near the surface smiles then. Can you fit an eyebrow to cover and protect the main body zip. Now I’m growling not just one second after feeling so warm and loving to the man. Job on hold, back to the drawing board. He then suggested a break, presented me with a sandwich, all nicely done with a couple of pickled onions on the side – sneaky and unceremoniously smashed me a backgammon. I had been one hundred and sixteen dollars up and this was sliced to ninety three. Oh come on, you were six up and if I had let that carry on think of the money at the end of the year. Huh.
At final fitting - to get the requested eyebrow in place, could I get anywhere near with my now bent pins. I’ll buy you some new ones next time we go to Kerikeri. I know, I’ll tack. Get sharpest needle on board, ah, this job is too big for the second rate thimble. Use edge of scissors to push in. I know, I lend you my big forceps. In fact my Spencer Wells. Oo-er Mrs. I now know what a saddler must go through on a daily basis. I now looked like a demented vet doing minor surgery on a rhinos foot. To say my fingers are now threadbare is an understatement. I actually bled for the cause, big blobs leaving my thumb. At least it doesn’t show on the black. See fumes rise from Pepe, paint her face puce.... Leave now while you still can, BIG BEAR.
Have you ever seen anyone wield a metal ruler with such cunning speed. Whack and thrice whack.
Run Bear, Run, not before delivering a few tasty cracks to the back of the legs as he sprinted up the stairs.
If you look closely in this picture you can actually see the said ‘at risk’ running up the stairs. Wouldn’t like to admit it but the scissor/forceps combo worked and tacking was completed. Finger tips now glow in the dark.
Chuffed boy posing with his new present. Well, actually for Baby Beez and its for you, I never sit on it. Do not raise my wrath so soon after, my feathers have only just settled, I’ve put a couple of two dollar coins in your material pocket for showers in case you forget. Oh that’s a good idea. Off he went, happy as Larry. Then I heard scuffing about. What are you up to, I thought you were off on a rubbish and water run. I am, I’m just putting flares, pack-a-poncho and bits in my new bag. Oh so it is yours. Weeeelllllllllllll. Off you go lad.
IMG_1760  IMG_1754
No sooner than the new saddle bag was loaded, than the padlock was seen dangling from the said mare of a pocket. Growl. Off he went smiling as usual.
Back he came, sadly, I cannot stay cross for too long when I look at that face. Then he beat me by seven at Mexican train dominos.............
In place. I have to say I’m rather chuffed. Most excellent Mrs. Thank you kind sir.
                     AMAZINGLY SMART