To Invercargill

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 1 Aug 2014 22:17
To Invercargill via Lunacy and Laughter
We woke to a very gentle sunrise. Up, washed, breakfasted and on the road before ten. Sadly no sea lions to see us off.
IMG_9877  IMG_9885  IMG_9821
Back the five miles on the gravel road. A few signs to choose from. A gentle start to tourism at the Purakaunui Falls.
The tiny village of Papatowai, just some holiday homes with few permanent residents.
IMG_9810  IMG_9811
A couple of next door farmhouses had great post boxes.
Segregated sheep.
We stopped at the lookout below, behind us was a strange sight, behind us high up here was a lake.
We stopped and just admired the views from Florence Hill Lookout over Tautuku Beach.
The Lost Gypsy Gallery.
Still alone.
Bear spotted a tiny blue and yellow sign that pointed to Niagara Falls. A must see.
IMG_9912  IMG_9910  IMG_9915
Over a little bridge, there was the sign, the explanation and the falls in all their glory..........
We walked back to the bridge where Bear posed beside his incredible find.
IMG_9907  IMG_9922  IMG_9924
A ‘One Careful Owner’, a OCO caravan snuggled in between friends and a Niagara Falls cafe sign, said building was never found.
IMG_9926  IMG_9927
Clearly, in these parts, you don’t just have a wheel outside, you have the whole cart.
IMG_9934  IMG_9936
Next we saw this random grouping and stopped.
In the centre was examples of petrification.
Pretty little church on the opposite side of the road with horseshoes decorating the fence.
 Then our literally breath taking experience at Curio Bay. Spot the person to judge the size of the waves.
Then our barking mad experience at Slope Point.
We stopped for a very late lunch outside an Information Centre, deserted of course. There was this beautiful one carefully owned tractor outside. Hey I didn’t see your gesticulation at the time. Oh, just letting you know it’s just the two of us. Yeah, right, pull the other one..........
IMG_0091  IMG_0093
Alone again. Psst, we are not alone.
Even the sheep went to hide in the sheltered bit of their field. By now the wind was so strong that our speed was down to a crawl, Mable had to be held with a tight rein. She was very good and the Wicked Witch and Bear seemed to have made a pact, so other than the constant wiggling, it was quite a pleasant journey.
IMG_9903  IMG_9905
A few moments respite in the trees meant a little faster than twenty to twenty five miles an hour, alone as we have come to expect on this journey. For miles the only thing we saw was this wind-torn OCO...........
...........and sheep, with the odd badly buffeted seagull.
IMG_0106  IMG_0107
At last as we pull into the town we see two cars. There are no DOC or freestyle sites anywhere in Invercargill so Bear had found us a friendly little place five minutes walk from the town centre. Doug the cheerful owner was surprised to see Bear, in fact, anyone at all, especially in Mable. All day he had been hearing severe wind warnings on the radio warning people to stay indoors. Tourism Radio is a GPS pre recorded thingy, so no emergency or warning messages for us, Oh Well. Clearly we are Wellard Millards or just plain nuts as once again it has been proven – what we have long known.................
                     WHAT A GAS, TALK ABOUT WINDY