Villa Week 41 - 2021 New Year

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 2 Jan 2021 23:57

Week Forty-One at Sleeping Indian



Sunday the 27th. Eggs on opening them were as usual, gorgeous and when the chef appeared he had some cheeky events. Clouds formed very quickly, Sleeping Indian Hill disappeared and down came really heavy rain.

The rain continued so we decided to have a day off which turned into a movie fest. There was a short break in the weather that gave us a rainbow but soon more rain and more rain.

Bear’s supper was fairly boring in colour but so delicious and the best meal post Christmas. I decided to forego the new potatoes and gravy but had some green peril (bubble and squeak) with cold meat and salad. We watched a few greats ending with Schindlers List.


Monday the 28th. Ian came to pick us up in the dinghy for a day out on Indian Summer. We pottered round to anchor in Hermitage Bay and being a bit too nippy for us gals, we sat and dibbled our feet with a sherbet in hand. Bear went in with his usual ‘small….(I lie)’ splash, followed by Ian and a more spectacular entry from Angel. Lots of chatter, laughter, BBQ and a gentle journey back…….

………to Jolly anchorage, lovely sunset after a great day out.


Tuesday the 29th. Bear did Beez coolant, stripping the heat exchanger and replaced the impeller… Lots of chats with Miff and Bird, had real fun on the new portal (games and silliness), at one point we all had rabbit ears and noses and spoke in high-pitched voices – hilarious.


Wednesday the 30th. Bear set to work on Beez alternator, refitting after its ‘oliday. I finished grouting garden shower and Bear put the shiny bits up. Soon as it’s really, really dry I will seal it.  


Thursday the 31st. The final day of 2020 had to begin with boiled eggs. My perfect pair, cooked to perfection and Bear had classic egg events. We enjoyed a lovely video chat with Cecily and Martin.


Lots of video fun with Bird and Miff which began quite sensibly but soon descended into fits of laughter, especially when Miffy ‘rode his bike’…….


Nurse Miff and then Bird found the big moustache which made her voice so low that Miff chucked his head back and really, really laughed. Not to be outdone he soon wore the same whiskers……Delightful fun.




We had our ‘traditional party in bed’ taking to the balcony at midnight to watch the fireworks. Here’s to a much more optimistic 2021 for one and all.

Friday the 1st of January 2021. Favourite ‘wish’ that came in was brilliant. In turn, we wish you all the ‘strength of the stool and the courage of the dog’, we may all need it, but blessings to you all for 2021.

Saturday the 2nd. Bear pottered, I did housework and we both took the decorations down. Mid stripping of our little Christmas tree Davin popped in with a fellow hotel guest called Nathan, nice to see them and share a beer. After lunch Melian, Ian and Angel popped in for a cuppa. Late afternoon we were treated to a rainbow and as we were enjoying it we noticed ‘movement’ on Beez. Our tiny, baby gecko (first seen weeks and weeks ago on board during our visits to the boatyard – oo the one Bear helped when he couldn’t scramble up out of the cockpit) is now a whooping seven inches from tip to tail end. Fun watching him scamper about.