To Apu Bay

Apu Bay, Tahaa Island
Bear set us off at half past twelve, he is now on a mission to circumnavigate Tahaa Island and I cannot think of a good reason to stop him. To my reckoning the whole thing, including our initial detour to Naonao Island is the princely sum of forty three miles, well we put four under our belts today, speak for yourself skipper, I’m looking forward to Faaaha (that’s a lot of a’s) and Patio.......... Here we are settled in Apu Bay, easy to type. We tried four times to anchor in the slightly shallower water of forty feet, but the anchor kept bobbling along over coral. Nothing for it but to bite the bullet and drop in the mud some ninety feet below. All nestled, late lunch and our first internet since leaving Huahine.
To our left Toapuhi Island. No closer as a massive hard coral bed.
To our right, just in front of the horizon is the coral shelf. Just in view on the far left is Raiatea. This picture cannot show the wind. Gusts between seven and twenty eight knots, all over the place in direction – wouldn’t want to be out at sea that’s for sure.....
Ahead. A tiny village giving us a fairly good internet signal - afternoon planned, emailing and blogging.