Port Vila to Beez

Port Vila, Vanuatu to Beez Neez, Fiji
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We packed this morning, ate a variety of bits and bobs for breakfast including the last of our ice cream, handed over a box of goodies to Ruth our lovely ‘lady who does’, Bear gave me an easy backgammon victory and off we went to the airport. Just as we parked there was a short but very heavy downpour which gave our little car a good wash, keys dropped we sat in the cafe until a big flight to Brisbane had been checked in, that done we could put our cases in. On the way over Bear’s case was really light and mine was just under the twenty three kilos, this journey I had given him all the heavy stuff and he weighed in at twenty two point nine – whew. Yes, and yours had bags of space......... Never travelling without the scales again.
Once through Immigration we picked up our duty-free, still cannot believe a litre of Absolut was nine pounds. We sat and watched the world go by until our ATR 72-600 was ready to board.
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Our very new little plane was soon ready for the off. The old ‘no smoking’ sign now replaced with ‘no electric gadgets’ next to the ‘fasten your safety belt’– very trendy when the lights went out and the ‘glow in the dark’ strip glowed fluorescent green.
As we taxied out we passed one of the airport buildings that had been badly damaged in Cyclone Pam.
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Up in the air, we bade a very fond ‘farewell’ to Port Vila and the island of Efate – unsure if we will ever make it back.
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Up through the clouds and above, a really pretty sky.
Lots of the sixty seats in economy were free so Bear got to have two suppers – there were only two seated in the eight places at the posh end. We thoroughly enjoyed our cheese and tomato roll, little bun and Tymo {just like a Penguin}.
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Back to the sky, of all the thousands of sunsets we’ve watched, I don’t think we have seen one above the clouds. Orange to dark orange, then the pinks. Really lovely to watch the colours change.
Then we were treated to an explosion of colour.
IMG_7406  IMG_7412  IMG_7419
Softening colours, darkening and a final flurry before it went dark.
Our short flight had us on the ground at five past eight and by random chance we were first to enter Immigration. Out came our letter allowing us to go back to the girl. We loved the sentence ending.........entries without hindrance. No sooner than we heard “Bula”, letter seen, Passports stamped, than we were through and en route to baggage claim.
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We bimbled to get our cases, the last flight in of the day and once again were greeted by loads of orchids. Two cases appeared within minutes, through x-ray and out to our waiting taxi driver, Favil. Dropped at Vuda Marina and back on board by nine o’clock. All lights thrown on – just in case – a precaution to check for unwanted creepie-crawlies, not a single one. The girl was very welcoming and we were soon unpacked. Fingers are now tightly crossed for the arrival of her parts.
Our return home was incredible, the fastest – in fact record breaking .
                     LOVELY TO BE HOME