Final Santa Cruz

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 6 May 2013 22:27
Our Final Blog from Santa Cruz
BF Pecalin Fight 001  BF Pecalin Fight 004
We witnessed our first Pecalin fight this morning. These two ladies got down and dirty, one had the others head in her mouth for what seemed like an endless battle. No real reason other than one getting the hump.
BF Pecalin Fight 005
The loser scurried away to hide behind the cruiser next to Beez, we didn’t see her take off for ages.
BB Last Santa Cruz 009  BB Last Santa Cruz 015
We spent the day tidying and Johnny delivered our Zarpe clearing us to move first thing in the morning. Then ashore later for a few more bits and time for a tourist shot with a teenage chap.
BB Last Santa Cruz 021
Bear was very amused by the quayside antics.
BB Last Santa Cruz 024
Engine repairs, stowing and unstowing. Always something to see.
BB Last Santa Cruz 025
To the left of the commercial jetty, we take a final look at the taxi rank..............
BB Last Santa Cruz 027
.....................and Beez bobbing in the middle.
BB Last Santa Cruz 017  BB Last Santa Cruz 018
Well MOTH, all I can say is this is not the place for a Bailey’s o’clock habit. Fifty eight dollars for a small bottle. Mmmmmm.
BB Last Santa Cruz 028
Skipper with our final supermarket load for some time.
BB Last Santa Cruz 001  BB Last Santa Cruz 002
Then a final treat. At least mine was slightly smaller than Bear’s. But at least mine has some healthy fruit. Grrrrrr. It is with some sadness we leave here at six in the morning because our next hop of fifty miles to Isabela will be our last in the Galapagos Islands. Just as well as we could spend a very long time here and there is just too much to see around the corner.