Beds Meets Russell

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 14 Jan 2016 23:57
Beds Meets Big Russ
We went to a lovely lady at Port Arthur to buy our entrance tickets. Said tickets lasts for two days and includes a forty minute walking tour and harbour cruise. We wished to add the tour of the Isle of the Dead and Point Puer [meaning boy in Latin for those that think I just did a typo]. This required some slick computer entries and as this was being processed I happened to look into the shop and spotted a cuddly looking wombat on the top shelf.
I went for a hug and promised him that if he was still there when it was home time on the second day, we would see about taking him home. First though was the all important question that had to be put to Beds, top bear and crew manager. Just before we left on day one, I couldn’t resist it, I went back for another cuddle. He looked so sad, his next door neighbour was a bully and the other wombat on the far shelf had an evil glint that frightened him – despite his size. He snuggled in tight and whispered that he was known as ‘Big Russ – bulldozer of the bush’. Oh, it was hard to put him back on the shelf but........discipline called.
This morning we arrived and no guessing, back we went to the shop with the gleeful news that Beds had indeed greeted the news with full enthusiasm [knowing he has the rest of his time in Mabel to iron out any kinks if necessary]. Big Russ was delighted, but, he still had to get to the end of the day without being taken by anyone else. Fingers were well and truly crossed.
At the end of day two we couldn’t help but rush to the shop. SHOCK HORROR, there was a massive wombat where Russ should be. The nice man in the shop said he had been told the full story and the wombat next to the giant one was ours. I was mortified and managed to get out in a shaky voice that the said creature was not our Russ. A young lady stepped in who also knew the story. “He’s probably in the stock room upstairs, we had a sort out and things got a bit hectic, he may have been moved by mistake. I’ll go up and get them all, there are four of them so I hope you can recognise yours.”  Oh my, those moments were long ones. Bear went to check on the chap in the far corner but he did indeed have an evil look. No sooner than the armful of wombats appeared in the good ladies’ arms than Bear reached over me and said THAT’s HIM. It was, I rushed to embrace him, he all but threw himself at me and gave a shy but grateful look at Bear when he stroked his ears. The others had been sleepy, being nocturnal, but I could feel Russ was all of a shake. He thought something had gone wrong with Beds’ decision and he had been hidden away in disgrace. The saga was soon told to reassure him. The adoption papers were handled smoothly by Bear as Russ wouldn’t let go of me. Russell Millard was good to go. We walked back to Mabel and once again Russ was a bag of nerves at having to meet and gain Beds favour. We left them to it. There was an initial sniff.
Beds could see just how nervous Big Russ was and leaned in closer and gave him a welcoming kiss, that was it, Russ burst into tears, mostly of relief but so scared he would make a mistake. Soon though, a smile crept over his lovely face.
After supper I asked the boys to pose for a picture.
As I was beating Bear five two at backgammon, huh, the boys played and had fun, we even watched as Russ easily cantered around, Beds giggled and kept a steady seat. I thought this was an important step as it established who was who in the pecking order.
Big Russ gently asked about his nocturnal hours and house rules. Beds went through a few things and bade Russ leave to forage from midnight until six thirty. Later, Beds told me that he will put Russ in Killick’s hands initially until he knows his way around. Can’t wait to be a fly on the wall when grumpy ol’ Killick and Russ meet. But, for now, such joy at having our new family member.
Soon we were all nestled down, that is until Russ quietly slipped out.