Pangkor Sort Out

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 25 Nov 2016 23:57
A Major Sort Out in Pangkor
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Our major reason for visiting Pangkor Marina (other than the fact that it is a Malaysian Rally stop) was to check out the facilities and, if happy, book to haul Beez Neez here for our much needed UK visit. As soon as we arrived in the marina there was a really good feel. James and his staff are more than helpful and patiently answered all our long list of questions. We were shown the slip and saw many boats on the hard – always a good sign.
Marina Island was purpose built and James had a major say in the design of the marina.
IMG_0446  pangkor sail  med_sl1
The Sea Lift here was the first in East Asia, (we have been transported on one but never lifted on one). All happy we have booked for our five free wet berth days beginning on the 15th of February 2017, sounds a long way off but in real terms is eleven and a bit weeks away. Beez Neez will be hauled on the 20th of February and we have time to tuck her up for a very well earned rest before we fly on March the 6th from Kuala Lumpur, a bus ride away – apparently.
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The very important job on hand now that our haul is all booked is to prepare the girl for Alex’s visit to Phuket in just six and a bit weeks. Last out to Jolly Harbour in the Caribbean we are really, really excited about exploring the islands including James Bond Island and some slack time in Yacht Haven Marina, cannot wait. First for me was to pull the spare sails and dive kit, suitcases and crap – I mean important captainly ‘stuff’ from the sea berth, bag it up, label and help Bear load it on the marina trolley for him to take over to the storage hanger. Before and after – now a proper larder.
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Al’s bedroom from a tip to a bed that just has the sea toilet door, bedding and a few bits to send home.
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The sea toilet became the larder since Cairns and now has a functional look about it. Although it took all day we felt very pleased with ourselves, I’ll take you on a date night. Lovely. We had heard there was a little cafe and that’s what we found. I had chicken popcorn, naked and Bear had a chicken chop, naked with a juice each. All for five pounds, cheap date methinks. After we had eaten we went to explore – on the other side of the building to where we had settled was a pizza and pie place, a Chinese fish restaurant and a beach bar................... Oh well, at least we know for next time...............