Little Adam's Peak

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 17 Mar 2019 23:37
Little Adam's Peak
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Not too far from our digs we were on a track passing through tea bushes, regular pruning produces dense and stubby shapes that are easy to ‘pluck’. Usually women work as pluckers and daughters follow mothers (the minimum age for a child to work (by law) is fourteen. Fourteen to seventeen year olds are supposed to only engage in light work on family run businesses so long as their education is not interfered with......... but there are many girls in the tea industry who are twelve). An experienced plucker can pick enough shoots in a day to make one thousand eight hundred cups of tea....... Unbelievably if a tea bush is left to Mother Nature it will grow into a tree. Tea comes from the camellia sinensis bush, which is native to Asia very different to the melaleuca alternifolia tree that is native to Australia and produces tea tree oil.
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Onward up the track, we passed locals selling savoury and sweet treats, water, juice, beads and bangles. Many signs helped us, all with different names, Little, Small and our favourite – Mini Adams Peak.
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To our right a mist covered hill. Bear points up to our target and the valley below needs the sun to put his hat on.
At the end of the track that has been quite a gentle rise we stood and watched a zip line rider.
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What is it with us and steps......Today just three hundred and twenty man made, remodelled natural and rough tracks between that take us to the top.
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Twenty minutes later the mist is all but gone and we take our last steps up.
We now have a clear view of the road we took yesterday on the way up to Ella.
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Little Adam has a twin peak with quite a wide saddle between. Looking left at the far peak and looking right toward the shrine that is behind the tree.

A site called Lanka dot com. We liked the write-up so much we left it as is:- Don’t defiance the beautiful tourism site in Sri Lanka, Little Adams Peak whether considering the word ‘Little’, it is named after the sacred Adams Peak (Sri Pada – where the foot print of Lord Buddha is preserved) regarding the similarity between the two mountains. Therefore the mountain was called as Little Adams Peak.

“Punchi Sri Pada” is another name for this peak. It is 1141 m in height. Little Adam’s Peak attracts many travelers who come to Sri Lanka. Gradually with an easy hike up to the mountain of Little Adams Peak you can consummation a worth panoramic view. You have to walk through lush green tea plantations, waterfalls and paddy fields while enjoying the sceneries.



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With our very own Adam in mind he would have to do something. But.......of course he did..... move on...... say nothing, but an apple, really.......





We watched a kind young man patiently fill his bottle cap over and over again for a dog to lap. We see loads and loads of these ex-pet, semi-wild, some in packs, with or without fleas, ticks, battle scars and evidence of way too many babies. Not as bad as some countries we have visited but sufficient to hear them barking at night.



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Time for the ‘we were here’ shots.





We sat for a while by the shrines.



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The main road to our left and the valley to our right. In the centre of the picture a new heli-pad is being laid for a resort.





The resort.





One final look at the lovely scenery..........





............then it was back the way we had come up.



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Amazing how every else’s weeds seem so pretty.





On the way down we met a chap who had put his tail where he should not have done.





At the bottom a jacaranda tree just coming into bloom. Time now to bimble to Nine Arch Bridge.