Sunday on Spellbound

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 15 Jun 2014 22:57
A Day Out Fishing on Spellbound
IMG_2761  IMG_2762
Quite dark over the anchorage this morning as we left Beez.
Pulling out of the berth at just after seven ‘Q’ dock and the morning mist.
Bear watching as we slowly wend our way. Out of the five knot zone Grimme notched the speed up. The sun trying to wake up.
First outing of the new Croc boots.
Morning mist over Paihia..............
.............and Kerikeri as we pass by.
The full moon. The sun came out hot and a very welcome sight.
Another competitor ????
Grimme found us a nice spot.
IMG_2808  IMG_2810  IMG_2812
Dodgy looking bait that was used as an attracter draped off the back.
IMG_2834  IMG_2830  IMG_2840
Within minutes we all had bent rods and fish to prove it.
Bear snags one of todays target fish.
By half past ten quite a collection.
IMG_2845  IMG_2846
Dave with a snapper, at the right angle – a monster.
Competitive banter.
Snapper fileting, lots for us all to take home for supper. The spoils food for the crabs later.
After a good day it was time to begin cleaning. Peter and Dave discuss the ‘ones that got away’ over a beer.
IMG_2894  IMG_2871
Meanwhile Grimme upstairs made some wake.
We slowed down on approach and enjoyed the Sunday sailors. 
While the boys did more cleaning, I went next door to see a ‘For Sale’ at NZ$625,000– Lady Arabella, owned by Dame Kiri. Coming on.
The three kahawai, todays competition fish, washed and ready to weigh. Bears in the middle.
 IMG_2904  IMG_2906  IMG_2909
Official weigh in. Logging in. Grimme presented to himself as he pipped Bear by an ounce or two.