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Sat 24 Sep 2011 19:07
A Day Out at Castle Combe  - Mini World
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Castle Combe is not just one of the prettiest villages in England it hosts Mini World every year
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A day where people come to compete, admire, sell, trade, exhibit or just like us for the sheer love of the mini
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Some fun stuff
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Some of the racers and an Ooops, but all was well
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Jack loved the racers “who made the smoke” and was far too busy telling us about it to pose for a picture
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Then he had such a thrill when Uncle Miff and Steve (Rachel’s dad) queued to go out and let Jack try on a helmet
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Jack watched their circuits carefully, Uncle Miff took on new stature as a race driver and we found a car for him to try out
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More fun. Just as Jack was getting in to his chat up success, his mum shouted “Do you need a poo”. All over then
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A bit more action and we never did work who was leading who 
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One expensive and one very elderly lady
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Time to check out some wheels and someone said ice-cream
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A slow bimble around, see another old lady. Bear like the Esprit in the car park – how on earth would we get in and if we did how would we get out???
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Then we watched the Goliath Mini in action – weird
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Time to say farewell to Steve, Chris and Rachel, but Uncle Miff holds the special place for driving fast, Oh to have heroes