Shopping Bimble

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Wed 12 Aug 2015 22:57
Suva Shopping Bimble
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Shortly after we got up this morning – yes -  we can indeed report that the towels were finally taken down from behind the swimming pool, cannot swear to them being dry, but we do think they covered an unattractive area full of old tables and chairs.
Our leisurely start followed yesterdays habit of the boys discreeting or just secreting their empty long-neck bottle in one of the town bins – not allowed your own alcohol at our wonderful base...........yesterday was the bin outside the Methodist Church but we felt that if anyone was monitoring the contents, someone could get into trouble amongst the teetotal congregation - if allegations should start to fly.........
In the Vodaphone shop the boys made enquiries about getting their dongles unlocked – don’t ask, I didn’t. A very nice Fijian and I sat chewing the world cud and watched in fascination as a chap who thought he was a real trendsetter hobbled in wearing clearly the most uncomfortable but elaborate footwear, we think his feet only went half way to the front, the image was not aided by his three companions all in ill-fitting flip-flops.........
Our quest to eat Colonel Saunders in every country we visit was thwarted when we saw the sign mostly covered with another. Not a drumstick in secret herbs and spices to be seen or indeed found. Talking of drum sticks we have walked by at least four music shops sporting full drum sets in their windows, clearly a rock n’ roll kind of city.
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We had to make do admiring this tree-hugging bench and dropped the said dongle in a very dodgy shop selling incredibly dodgy knock-offs. The salesperson told us to return in an hour, the peckish bell rang and we looked for something in the snack department.............
We bimbled into a courtyard with a swanky coffee bar and a nice floral display. Then it happened...............I couldn’t help it, it came over me all of a sudden.........................
...........A visit to the dark side. I had my once-in-a-blue-moon-usual of floppy burger, portion of chewy McNuggets, waggly chips and Coke which seems a bit of a misnomer but every little helps.......The others trooped in with me and had quarterpounders. A sudden need for ice cream was next, Bear opted for the cardboard apple pie, fortified we were ready to return to the dodgy shop to retrieve the dongle, again don’t ask, I didn’t.
The shop opposite had jaw-droppingly gopping clothing for small people and we moved along.
Bear posed by the Police Station sign, because I like the name. Yes dear.........
An Art Nouveau cinema that is now a Chinese Restaurant.
We looked at some incredibly intricate saris, tackled another department in Rups Big Bear and had to go home, Bear for a dip in the pool – without towel backdrop - and me to put a cold flannel over a pair of over stimulated eyeballs and have a quick rub down with the Evening Post............ OK, I know you want more, so I’ll leave you with our sink taps.........they still screech but its funny what you get used to. I’ve even taken to leaving a snack out for our small nighttime visitors...........
                     AN ACTION-PACKED CITY BREAK