To Lintea Atoll

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 13 Aug 2016 22:57
To Lintea Atoll
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Heath Robinson was consulted and I now have a functioning tap once more. One more look at our Hoga Island anchorage and off we went at eight thirty behind Wirraway with Wishful Thinking following up. Our happy band set off in to wind on the nose so the engines needed to help each of us. I kept my eye on a fish attracting device (FAD) – a huge block of polystyrene connected buy a floating line to a wooden raft complete with tiny mast and palm sail, these vessels seem to be everywhere. We were at a critical stage in a game of backgammon, I was leading four one when Bear made a near Fowey comeback to four all. I was determined not to lose and knew the FAD was someway off to our right and the wind would blow it well beyond us. Next thing I know it’s behind Bear’s head. The polystyrene block on Beez left, the craft whisking along with us. I was so surprised I forgot to take a picture. Immediately disengaged and on the radio to admit one all with Wishful Thinking........ I did however sneak a five four win. The rest of the journey we played Tri-ominoes with no further incident.
Our thirty four mile journey will take us within the Coral Triangle.
Wirraway ahead and a local tour boat.
Miles out to sea a longboat passes by.
Very faint on the horizon, right of picture we could just make out three ‘buildings’.
Way over to our right we could see Serica and Brahminy Too anchored in what looks like the middle of the ocean. They are in Karang Kaledupa Atoll, our destination on the morrow. Again, we could see a building each side.
Wirraway line up at the pass.
We line up as a local exits the pass.
Perhaps the most ‘extreme village’ we have yet seen.
Meanwhile, Wirraway have taken their first right and now seen turning left.
A noble look, a man at peace in his world.
Skipper enjoying himself enormously.
We take our first right at an even more isolated dwelling. Perhaps they fell out with the first two......
At the ‘gateway’ coral as far as the eye can see each side.
Wirraway on their final left turn...........
............and on their final right. Wishful Thinking radioed to say they had anchored on the inner reef edge in eight metres of water. Nicha seen to their right.
IMG_2053  IMG_2051
An incredible anchorage seen on my chartplotter and Bear’s Google Earth.
We went for a long spuddle as far as we could before we came to solid reef.
Heading back toward Beez we stopped at patches a couple of metres below the surface, this one marked by a stick. I looked down through my viewing bucket at each coral patch and saw healthy brain, hard and stag horns. No bright colours and not many fish.
Looking back to the line of anchored boats, from left to right – Nicha, Wirraway, Wishful Thinking, Beez Neez and Rock and Roll Star. A happy bunch.
A local out and about fishing in a traditional hat.
IMG_2065  IMG_2066
We were bouncing in the dinghy and Beez was rolling a little but clear enough to see were dirty marks, a bit of foliage and a crab holding tight. Tomorrow looks like an outdoor spring clean then.
Spuddle ended with a picture of the girl in the late afternoon sun – anchored in the middle of nowhere. We followed Wirraway over to Wishful Thinking for our first taste of delicious coral trout served with homemade chips and sweet potato. Bev (Wirraway) had made fresh coleslaw and we took tinned fruit salad and cream. A very funny game of Taboo followed. Gin (WT) experienced her first ever dyslectic attack.........beautifully describing a Greek delicacy which Bev got at lightning speed – Baklava................ however, the word she was meant to have us guess was in fact Balaclava..............