Exploring RP Marina

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 28 Jan 2017 23:57
Exploring Royal Phuket Marina and a Swim at Villa 5
Leaving Beez to have a rest we went in search of Villa 5 - the office lady said we should make use of, in fact insisted. The first main square complete with water feature boasts quite a few empty commercial units. The top two floors of the left building is all a fitness gym, won’t be slipping in there then.
Water fountains in Thailand are very common as they demonstrate wealth.
Met by a uniformed security man near to villa 5, he directed us to what we first thought – wow, what a pool.
The ‘hole’ I am standing over will be a circular table – going by next door. The canopy overhead already showing signs of peeling. The house, we went to have a look, is four bedrooms over three floors, about five hundred thousand pounds, way too bitty, too many corners and odd use of space.
The pool tiles were dangerously slippy and the deep blue a little too much colour wise. It was a good idea to have an area that was a few inches deep, lovely to lay in the sun with your back in the cool water.
The BBQ, outside kitchen area. Four bases will hold a pagoda, again some odd angles.
The marina as seen from the back garden, the house comes with a large berth. We would later find out that most of the penthouses are empty, some for sale, some for rent. We looked through the sales and rental ledgers and the there are just an amazing amount empty. The marina itself was for sale back in July last year ???
IMG_0515  IMG_0517
The building to the left is currently home to several pigeons. Not really sure what the downstairs would be used for. The front had a water feature that I called a mosquito trap.
IMG_0516  IMG_0518
The right hand building had a huge lounge/dining area, kitchen in the corner. Upstairs were two bedrooms and on the top floor was the master bedroom complete with outdoor jacuzzi. The car port is currently used by the builders. We all felt sure that when cupboards and furniture are added most of the rooms would look way too busy. Feng shui out the window........
After using the pool we walked back to Beez (on the left of middle) we passed the conference centre. What stood out most was the poor finish of everything.
IMG_0525  IMG_0527
We bimbled to the far end, next to the haul out area, many commercial units again empty. Those in use all used by tour operators who have loads of motor launches that whizz out each day to visit the local islands. Out back was an altar, I’m sure the lemonade was appreciated on such a hot day.........
Back to Beez.
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