School Week

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 20 Jul 2012 22:59
This Week at School
BB Coffee Museum 008
Monday the clouds looked like the elastic in Bear’s smalls that had to be binned - rain later then
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Tuesday night after a delicious supper we went out for a farewell drink with Christine (our housemate this last week). A wonderful bar, above a creperie specialising in Nutella toppings, may have to investigate this further. Chris is back to El Salvador for a couple of weeks, then back to Seattle to finish her PhD in Archeology. Good luck for the future and love and happiness with Lauren. May just have to take you up on that offer for us to visit, as the Seattle Fish Market is on my Bucket List. I watched a motivational film many moons ago of the workers. They throw fish at unsuspecting customers (who love the banter), having lots of fun while working hard. Christine took the photo of us and the waiter joined in, shocking angle for my neck though. Bear is enjoying the dark, local bottled beer Mozza and downed a couple, Chris had a cubra libre or two and I had a strawberry yoghurt and rum smoothie – no Moth – no calories at all, so I had a second........
BB Week and Capuchin 099
Serious goings on between Bear and Elsi one afternoon
BB Week and Capuchin 093  BB Week and Capuchin 098
Chica the hound terrified one of the resident turtles by taking a drink.
BB Week and Capuchin 010  BB Week and Capuchin 011
Marion (left) playing Scrabble in Spanish with her teacher, the work pile looked ominous
BB Week and Capuchin 013  BB Week and Capuchin 014
We said ‘farewell’ to Rose returning to New York – lovely to meet someone as nutty as me
BB Coffee Museum 009
Rose took a picture of the tired students drowning in hundreds of Spanish verbs
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We just had to stop en route to school one morning and photograph a bit of local wiring. We got home to a delightful change of bedding, a really traditional bedspread.
BB 2nd Salsa Lesson 004
A carefully owned roof on an afternoon bimble en route to ice cream shop
BB 2nd Salsa Lesson 003
Bear found a genuine dug-out canoe for $600 – no you cannot have it
BB 2nd Salsa Lesson 005  BB 2nd Salsa Lesson 007  BB 2nd Salsa Lesson 006
Among the many ladies selling their wares – an albino – on her back her dark haired baby
On Wednesday we heard the fantastic news that grandbaby number eight (to Kate and Mark, brother or sister to Jack) - all is well. Due January 2013.
BB Week and Capuchin 001  BB Week and Capuchin 003  BB Week and Capuchin 005
Thursday nights school dinner saw no ‘Herman the Groin’ so no salsa lesson number three for Bear. Poor Herman fell in the street and broke his ankle. Instead a trio, two guitars and an accordion player. Letty and Geoff showed us how to dance.
BB Week and Capuchin 007
We got home and Mama had put fairy lights on for us