First Noumea Outing

Our First Outing in Noumea
IMG_9065  IMG_9067
Bear made our first Noumea boiled eggs, his came with an egg event. Clearly all too much for him, as I caught him snoring. Oh, I was reading my book. Mmmm. This was all the while I scanning Passport pages, bank statements and the numerous proofs required for the next bit of our Australian Visa application.
Time for a bimble. To the left of the picture is the visitors dock, we are half way along [off picture] on the other side of the yachts.
IMG_9077  IMG_9078
On the corner of the marina is a starboard buoy. Oh, colour me happy as I look up from the buoy and the first car I see is a black bug and it sits quietly next to a mini, deep joy. Well Noumea sits well with me then.
IMG_9079  IMG_9081
The bug, a new number plate to the collection with NC for New Caledonia. Across the road we see a Porche. Cars, the noise of sirens and zebra crossings have come at us as a novelty, not seen for what seems ages.
In the first park we get to we see a memorial to the days of slavery. The original people of the islands of New Caledonia – the Kanak Indians saw an influx of 20,000 French convicts brought in between 1864 and 1897. They were tasked with extracting nickel to begin with and later copper, but they brought diseases that decimated the local population.
Two Kanak Men
The Kanaks revolted in 1878 against French colonial rule which saw them living on reservations that gave them 10 per cent of their of their ancestral territories. The well-armed French soon supressed the revolt and the decapitated head of the Kanak leader was put on display at the Museum of Natural History. Today the Kanaks make up 40 per cent of the 99,078 population, only gaining citizenship in 1946 and voting rights in 1953.
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First stop, the internet cafe – our signal on Beez is too weak to post the blogs and as there were thirty three, we clearly needed a hard wire. All done in an hour, we could take in all the noise, bustle and traffic of our new surroundings. An advertising billboard – been a long time since we have seen one of those. A dustcart, I say again, a dustcart – whatever next.
I got over my shock by choosing an éclair in the cake shop.
IMG_9095  IMG_9093
Whilst Bear chose his, I took in all the rest of the mouth-watering goodies on offer.
IMG_9096  IMG_9097  IMG_9098  IMG_9099
This shop is a serious distraction, cakes, then the fridges with home-made deserts and chocolates.
Off we went with our selections and a baguette.
The back entrance to McDonald’s had a ‘once used’ gate showing the old side of the town.
Against the wall in the car park we saw the incredible root system of this ficus, at home it would be a house plant.
Yes, we did. An easy supper in McD’s.
IMG_9109  IMG_9111
An interesting memorial opposite, as we walked home and a fun fair. Now that is something we haven’t seen for years.
We stood and watched, taking in all the colour and lights.
Home to Beez clutching our cakes.
                     WOW CIVILISATION ???