Bake 3 to 2

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 25 Jul 2017 22:57
Bake Lakes  - A First, in fact, a Complete Farce
 Things began well and quite orderly, a nice chap to start the day.
P7250003  P7250005
Bear’s turn, but a tiny chap.
P7250008  P7250010
After lunch, a respectable weight and pretty chap.
P7250012  P7250013
My view out front and to my left, a smiling Bear. All quite peaceful and ..................all of a sudden complete and utter madness. I had been playing a feisty fellow in the margins to my right and with my long rod, a healthy looking beast near an overhanging branch to my left. Bear’s reel screamed off but so did both of mine. Left rod went between my knees, right rod bending and weaving. Bear reeled in as quick as he could, netted, disgorged, released a little chap and ran over to help me. I handed over my left rod just as the naughty creature managed to spit out the hook. Uh Oh....... sorry Bear. Right rod I landed the ghost carp that had plagued me all day, but by the size of him, I wished I’d never bothered.
Well, never has this nonsense ever happened to us before. Three reels on the run and never, ever have I had both my reels go off at the same time. Let’s hope this nonsense is a one off. So three to Bear and two to me. I leave you with the baddie that fought me in the shallows.
                     CHAOS AND RUSTY