Banda Amble 2

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 1 Aug 2016 22:27
Banda Amble – Well Our Second Bimble Really, Part Two
A ‘one careful owner’, modest I hear you say.
IMG_1050  IMG_1051
New, we agree but it does have the necessary entry requirements of rust and foliage.
IMG_0982  IMG_0983  IMG_0999
Berger houses.
A well kept potted garden.
IMG_1048  IMG_1061
Not certain the red gates go with the pink. The town ‘welcome’ a little past its sell by date.
Our first Indonesian spider.
IMG_0968  IMG_1065
Central Park. This end newly mown but no sign of anyone picking up the clippings, in fact no sign of anyone. At the far end a cow has his work cut out if he is to clear this little lot.
The only posh building we saw was opposite the fort.
Local taxi.
Lots of activity on the little wharf.
IMG_1142  IMG_1143  IMG_1149
A short cut, a gown we thought would look more in place at a ball in Venice. Interesting raised garden.
IMG_1145  IMG_1146  IMG_1144
Covered market. Fruit n’ veg, fish and in the corner some very dodgy smelling pullet eggs – we think.
IMG_1147  IMG_1148
Day-old chicks exploring with mum.
IMG_1150  IMG_1151
Bear had what he described as some dangerous bits in his lunch. I was brave and went for chicken curry, dry it was fine but the juice was a bit like firewater. Time to head back to Beez as we are off at three this afternoon for Namrole two hundred miles away.
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