Once again no wind, so again motored against the tide and currents that eddy quite spectaculary.     
Skipper with La Corne to his left, lumpy stuff to avoid and in the river a mussel farm.
Treguier marina seen from the bridge, the harbourmaster recognised Beez Neez and our prior visits on Razzmatazz.
Treguier seen from the marina, the bridge over to the chandlers on the right, which is a two storey Aladdin's cave. I had new trolling lines bought for me.
This whole area, car park, up this hill and into cathedral square is covered with stalls every Wednesday for an amazing market.
The economy is in saw-milling, boat building, flaxstripping and tourism. There is trade in cereal, cloth and potatoes.
A really pretty little town. Treguier grew up round a monastery founded by St Tudwall. The philosopher and historian of religion, Ernest Renan was born here.
The cathedral is remarkable because it has three towers over the transept.
Off again tomorrow (Friday the fourth of July) to Treburden.