Final Spuddle

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 4 Oct 2013 22:57
Final Spuddle of Maupiti – But What A Good One
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After lunch and a narrow loss at backgammon, HUH, it was time to make our final spuddle in Baby Beez. Tomorrow afternoon the plan is to head to Mopelia Island, one hundred miles due west of here, an overnighter. Often not mentioned at all, it is the final island in French Polynesia, but so remote, not many people stop there, certainly not mentioned in the freebie island guide which says “Maupiti is the most remote of the Leeward islands.” Mopelia is en route to the Cook Islands and Bear has read that there are two families living there – who don’t speak to each other. Mind you we have an old cruising book, so hopefully they have made up by this space. No internet expected there, so back on line in a week.
Back to now, off we went toward the motu opposite and a walk along the beach. This has got to be the teensiest chap ever.
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This chap is heading for the ‘One Careful Owner’ quarter finals at least for this poor excuse for a home.
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A few bits of coral scattered about and a few fish too, in the crystal clear, warm, shallow water.
As I was being eaten alive by no-nos - these no-see-ums are perfectly visible to me – black savages the size of a pin head, we went for a paddle to see what we could see and for me to not feel any more acidic stabs that I know will itch terribly tomorrow. What is most annoying is they don’t like Bear’s fur, so they leave him alone...........O.............don’t say a word if you know what’s good for you....... Such a shame to be plagued in paradise.
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This pair of sea cucumbers were ‘having a cuddle’, it’s the season you know. Bear hoyed one up to take a closer look. Not the way to win friends and influence methinks.......
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A bit more looking-down-bimbling and we found ourselves at the corner.
Maupiti Spuddle
A cunning plan formed. To walk from the tip of motu Tuanai, yellow arrow in a straight line, heading for the church, white arrow to a limit of the water coming up to our knees. Beez Neez is roughly where the red smiley face is. Right then, off we go pulling Baby Beez behind us.
Off we go from the ankle deep start point.

Heading to the church, exactly half a mile away.
Bear and Baby Beez lead the way in the late afternoon sun.
The anchorage is now ‘crowded’ with eight boats here for the weekend.
Looking over our left shoulder toward the pass.
Looking back to the corner of motu Tuanai.
Bear still striding on, water half way to his knees. How far did we get ???
Three quarters of the way to church.
Parallel to Beez Neez