Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Wed 6 Aug 2008 15:33
We finally left Camarinas at ten o'clock on Saturday the second of August.
The first thing we noticed was our stowaway, he had been snoozing on one of the fenders. Bear must have made him travel very fast through the air as he hauled the fender into the cockpit. To let him get over the shock and by way of apology, Bear put him in the washing up bowl and I gave him a bit of my spam fishing bait. He tucked in and we released him before we left the bay. Bear with the very infamous Finisterre behind him and some nice scenery on route. There was not much wind ( I am NOT about to complain after the last lot ) so we motor-sailed. I really loved the huge but gentle Atlantic swell and as we moved south the sea took on a beautiful shade of blue, rather than the cold looking green. A couple of Dolphins came to take stock, one jumped really high out of the water, again I promised tinned salmon if he would do it again and let me take a picture, but alas, they were on a fishing trip. The next thing we saw was literally hundreds of jellyfish from the size of a tennis ball that were pure white, to the size of a cushion with dark rings, like the air filter off a Ford Cortina with dangly stingy things. They floated in great long family units around twelve feet long. We know they are eaten by turtles in warm climes but what use are they in these cold waters??
Skippers eye view of the Ria as we entered, the first real look at Portosin and the hillside behind. Very different scenery and obviously more affluent. We arrived at eighteen forty five, in the middle of a sardine festival put on by the fishermen which meant three days hard partying. A lorry made a makeshift stage for the continual back to back bands, I think they borrowed the bass speakers from The Rolling Stones. A funfair was in the playground, screaming from the roller-coaster was awesome. Everyone got free BBQ sardines, bread and beer. Bear had only gone to log us in and he came back with his supper in hand, saying the chap at the office told him to come back tomorrow as he was too busy partying. I made him eat his fish in the cockpit so the boat didn't take on the Billingsgate aroma. At four thirty in the morning I recognised the opening guitar riff by Guns and Roses, sadly he didn't know the ending, but boy, did he give it a ruddy good try. Every half an hour or so they let off bangers and rockets, you could feel the sonic boom of the bangers. Every time I thought "surely that's it" no, more and more. The festival fell away by Sunday evening with everyone, yachties alike looking the worse for wear, me from lack of sleep. Needless to say skipper slept, nay I have to be honest - snored like a walrus, through it all. Next day he did a beach clearing exercise with his snoring. I just read and hoped the locals were not too offended.
COMMENT. Bear sat up on the beach and pointed out a youngish lady with a huge snitzel, aka a huge belly. I said she was entitled as she was indeed eight and a half months pregnant !!!!!!!! So glad he's retired.!!!!!!!!
A nice shot of the marina as the sun went down. Sunday evening and I was taken on our first date together since leaving home to celebrate two months as sea gypsies. Then skipper puts his starter ( octopus complete with sucky things ) in his mouth. I remember when pizza first came to the UK and my dad said "people who eat that 'sort of smelly stuff' should go do it in the garden shed" I totally agreed when the smell swept over me and I watched with horror the amount of cutting and chewing involved. My answer was a little sharp when he offered me a fork full. 
I survived the evening to take this picture. All in all a really nice few days on the beach, our outing to Santiago and meeting up with Karl and Karen on Taygete (met in Camarinas) and quite by chance being on all the same buses on our day out.
Having met several men only boats I was curious as to how they got domestic approval to go off for a few weeks of boys fun in the sun. So I asked John, shipmate of Miles, (again met in Camarinas and Portosin). His answer has certainly become our favourite comment since we have been away "Revenge for her bridge"
We leave in the morning after fuelling up ( the first since St Peter Port ) to go to Porto Novo, up the next Ria.