We're Off

The Waiting Game and We’re Off
BB Sunday 001
Sunday the 10th – Parcel still on Maryann’s desk in Massachusetts. Nothing for it on a Sunday afternoon but to bimble in to town. It has become a treat to stop at a happy little café, “nearly there”, to have an ice lolly. Then a few grockle shops to feel like tourists.
BB Sunday 010  BB Sunday 003  BB Sunday 002
A good drying day. We bimbled past the beach and the resting masses and automatically headed to Jax (good mudslides) and a late lunch.
BB Sunday 004
Lisa and Kelly were on a day out from their Cancun hotel, asked what I was drinking, ordered the same and joined us for lunch. The pair were enjoying a girlie week away from New York State
BB Sunday 008
A little amble ON the beach
BB Sunday 009
Meet Water Bee. We decided that this is in too good a condition to make the ‘one careful owner’ but we liked the name
BB Sunday 017
This little lady can be entered though
Monday the 11th – Parcel picked up from Maryann’s deck at C-Map by Jepperson, 133 Falmouth Road, Mashpee, Massachusetts at 15:33, processed, transferred and departed Boston Mass. facility by 23:51.
BB Last Isla 008
This lady is on the dock opposite Beez, she was the first ferry that took about two hours to cross to Cancun. Just in front of the blue ‘curtain’ you can just see a hammock. We see the owner bed down each night. I wish I could get a closer look but it’s a private area
Tuesday the 12th – Parcel arrived at Cincinnati Hub at 02:09, cleared in Mexico City at 10:40 and arrived at the sort facility at 13:12. Bear serviced the water maker, I opened Ancestry.com for a good dig about.

BB Last Isla 010  BF Last Isla 001

Hard to believe it but the local gang of frigate birds have taught themselves to land quite neatly on this boats rigging. We were missing seeing the osprey, after the hundreds in the USA, but this one landed on the same boat (the only one we’ve seen here) and ate his fish lunch.


BB Sunday 014  BB Sunday 019

BB Sunday 018

A couple more scooter seats and a bit more electrickery

Wednesday the 13th – Parcel departed Mexico City at 01:33, arrived Queretaro at 02:18 and arrived in Cancun at 08:38. If only we’d have known that. Off we went with Howard and Janelle to Cancun for a bimble. They bought their boat in Panama City, Florida and plan to sail her back to their home port – Brisbane.
BB Last Isla 001
We had a laugh in a bargain clothing shop as I bought a new pair of bloomers, put them on at the till (to stop chafe you know), after I danced round the shop in them I realised all the people in the shop could get in them with me, but hey Bridget Jones has nothing on these beauties. In pale yellow you know. Howard bought a pair of shorts and he and Janelle couldn’t get over the length of his till receipt.
BB Last Isla 002  BB Last Isla 003  BB Last Isla 004
Bear walked us miles to a huge shop selling everything from chest of drawers to small electrical items. He bought a new handset for our media player (we watch films from hard drive, through the media player on to the TV). We got a taxi to Wal Mart for a sit down elevenses. We left Howard and Janelle to bimble Wal Mart whilst we got all excited in Office World. Outside was a lovely bonnet catch on a VW Beetle. I was rather chuffed at the bug, albeit a dirty one. Back in Wal Mart the others went off to find Home Depot while we bimbled for shopping.
BB Last Isla 005
Laden with much ‘stuff’ it was back to the ferry. Passing this gem of a chair.
Thursday the 14th – Parcel sitting happily in Cancun. Today Bear happily settled on the lounge table and sorted his boat files. I defrosted and cleaned the fridge, made a sweet and sour chicken and pineapple and hopped back up on the bed with Ancestry.com

BB Last Isla 006

My bedroom office

Friday the 15th – Parcel feeling sad sitting in Cancun. Bear was on the case too early and Chepo said come back at ten. After a game of backgammon he was off like a racing snake. Ran back to Beez to report that he knew where to go, the chap in the office had written down what to show the taxi driver and before I could say “take care” Bear was out the door like a weasel up a trouser leg. In time to catch the 11:40 ferry to Cancun. I cleaned the bathroom, did a bit of hoovering and squirted some Mr. Sheen in the air so it looked like I had been busy while the skipper was away and got back to Ancestry.com. I heard Bear climb aboard, I was waiting with the chart plotter on and whipped the chip from him as he stuck his head through the door. IT WORKS.
BB Last Isla 012  BB Last Isla 014  BB Last Isla 015
I gingerly pressed the down scale button and Hey Presto, 150, 72, 48, and 24 nautical miles sprang to life
BB Last Isla 016  BB Last Isla 017
We can actually see the Rio Dulce, here we come
Saturday the 16th – Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaarrr we’re off, fingers crossed. Happy Father’s Day to Bear and all dads for tomorrow. We hope to be settled in the marina on the Rio Dulce on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Our final picture of Isla Mujeres and where we have been parked