To Otorohanga

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 4 Jul 2014 22:57
Our First New Ground – To Otorohanga
We bade ‘farewell’ to Rod and Brenda – State of Mind, made a quick stop at The Warehouse in Whangarei so I can proudly say I own my first ‘hotty’ and an even quicker stop at Countdown for tea bags – always pleased when I remember what it is I have forgotten to pack and off. Bear at the wheel. Through Auckland on the 1 and then on the 3 toward Wellington. The few people we know who have toured New Zealand have said that around every corner is another breath taking sight, especially on South Island. We agree already on day one of North Island. Another stunning view from Mabel, we feel sure the cameras will be busy taking thousands of photographs on this At-Venture.
IMG_3037  IMG_3039
Along the way we stopped for our first fill up with diesel and I took the wheel. Trundling along on a good road, little or no traffic. suddenly Bear got very excited, camera poised. It’s a train. OK.
It actually says Kiwi Rail. Wow I replied with great gusto.......
Our tourist radio chirruped telling us to look to the left, we saw a hill special to the local Māori covered in graves. 
 IMG_3156  IMG_3160
As we approached the small town of Otorohanga our tourist radio chirruped once more. We were near the turning for Kiwi House, a bird park. Bear said he would very much like our first ‘touristy thing’ on this trip to see his / our first kiwi. OK. I turned off as directed and not finding anywhere free to park beyond Kiwi House, we turned and went back to the park attached to it. It didn’t look like much, a couple of ‘one careful owners’, but the welcome from Thomas was warm enough. He told us to pay in the morning and get ten per cent off our kiwi visit.
One hundred and eighty five miles completed, soon we were settled, plugged in, suppered and using great wi-fi. Snug as bugs and VERY pleased to introduce to the world..........You-know-who – drum roll......... has new slippers. Marvellous.
                     GREAT TO BE SOUTH OF AUCKLAND