Villa Week 37 - No Launch.....

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 5 Dec 2020 23:57

Week Thirty-Seven at Sleeping Indian



Sunday the 29th. The week began well with perfect eggs for me, a sweet egg event for Bear and I tucked in to the best runny yolks. We went to Beez together on our bikes, we stopped at the supermarket en route and as I went to put my foot on the car park curb decided to launch myself on the grass spilling the contents of my bag from the front basket. A lady rode over to see if I was OK, she had a cut on her leg from falling off. I told her this is the way I always dismount….. Remounted, enough excitement for one day, we set to work. Bear tidying and refitting the office, me cleaning the sea berth toilet thoroughly. That done Bear cleared the cockpit and I began cleaning the stainless and took the brass down.

In bed, after showers and supper, I settled to cleaning the clock, very satisfying to see the gleam begin to appear. Barometer and storm glass done but the Moroccan wall lamp may need serious cleaning.

Monday the 30th..Back to Beez for me to get on with the stainless which took all day and for Bear to check all the electrics and hose down the deck. We watched as a little chap tried to scurry up the back of the cockpit, strangely his little foot pads didn’t work…. After a helping hand from the skipper, he went for the few ants up on the combing.


Tuesday the 1st of December. Went to Beez, surveyor rang to say his family was poorly with coughs and sneezes and going to get Covid tested. He will try to survey the hull on its own and arrange for the rest when she is in the water. I finished the stainless polishing and Bear checked the electric then cleaned the cockpit. 30th. Went to the girl. Bear polished the cockpit. I painted cupboards and tidied the kitchen and lounge. Ready to leave I caught the skipper looking proudly at the girl and how smart she is coming along.

Wednesday the 2nd. We went to see Lady Ronnie and Stacy helped us fill in the new tax forms. Clients will have to pay 14% on rental and we will pay 12%, understandable as money is needed in the government coffers with such low numbers of visitors. Bear went to fight the nut that arrived this morning. He failed but Ivan the engineer is going to try in the morning. I went to see a broker to get the forms to put the girl on the market. Such a tough decision but she deserves more than a couple of months a year use.


Thursday the 3rd. Bear went to see how Ivan was getting on with the errant nut saga. I retied San Diego (the pink bougainvillea). At eleven I nipped upstairs to see if an email had arrived from Bear. No, so I did banking and tried again – YAY the title read Launch, heart plummeted at the content. Sadly no go, but engineer says he can fix within 2 weeks. Have cancelled launch. See you after epi soon. Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I swept the drive and tidied up as the glum-faced Bear got back. We shared a French stick, I snuck a five four win and completely deflated we went to lay down. I searched ‘Houses for Sale in Plymouth’, always cheers me to see what is out and about. Bear snoozed for a while then we watched a film and began a fun series called Scorpions. Showers, supper and the Non Day ended. At least we will get the garden work finished as Ivan will not complete the gearbox work done until at least the end of next week.

Friday the 4th. Bear tidied the garden shower (we think the rainy season has finally ended, then spent the day scraping the glue off the wall tiles, then readied the shower tray for grouting. I did more grout removal in the kitchen and somehow filled the day, both quite fed up.


Saturday the 5th. No hard boiled eggs in the fridge for the use of……I’ll do boiled eggs for us and more hard for spare, OK. So long as it doesn’t stop the ones on the morrow. Well, alright then. Sorted, I went down to see the chef when the timer went off. Mine were gorgeous and Bear had a lovely event. No mood for much, Bear went to Beez to get the empty paint drum to use for sand collection (Marlon had a bit left over from a Jazz drive job and we need a bit for cement making) then popped to the supermarket. I pottered whilst he was gone then we took to watching Scorpion. A day off.   



                     CERTAINLY A MIXED OL’ WEEK