First Festival

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 6 Jul 2013 22:27
Our First Polynesian Festival
BB Rikitea Festival 002
BF Festival 012
BF Festival 013
BF Festival 066
This morning dawned chilly but at least no rain, today was our first experience of a Polynesian Festival with traditional dancing. What a joy to watch. The temperature demanded thicker clothing and we felt for the scantily clad dancers who clearly looked cold but the smiles were incredibly warm and bright.
BF Festival 022  BF Festival 003  BF Festival 011
BF Festival 052  BF Festival 053
BF Festival 005  BF Festival 004  BF Festival 006
We enjoyed a few dances then sadly it began to spit with rain.
BF Festival 042
BF Festival 041  BF Festival 028
BF Festival 040  BF Festival 023  BF Festival 026
Lovely headdresses
BF Festival 032  BF Festival 056
Skirts and tops all beautifully made.
BB Rikitea Festival 012
So as not to disappoint the small crowd, we were led just around the corner to where the band got a little shelter.
BF Festival 049  BF Festival 044  BF Festival 045
A traditional drum, one not quite so and one resting whilst the chap strummed.
BF Festival 047  BF Festival 043  BF Festival 048
The caller led the dancers in a few more dances.
BB Rikitea Festival 014  BF Festival 064  BB Rikitea Festival 027
The final dance, then everyone was invited to join in for an encore. I will try and put a tiny bit of Bear shaking his booty with a gorgeous young lady on FB as soon as I get a better internet connection. Then we all left as the heavens opened.
BB Rikitea Festival 029
We admired the decorated stalls and took shelter in one set out as a café and enjoyed a wonderful Chinese meal.