Lunch Date with Rod and Mary

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 14 Jan 2020 23:57
Lunch Date with Rod and Mary
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We spent a frustrating time trying to get the cockpit radio back from a company that was supposed to have fixed a dodgy wire. A lady spent half an hour finding the object that, as it happens, has not spent a minute in any diagnostic hands....... Then the wicked witch took us to a lighthouse so we made it to Rod and Mary’s (to return their car so kindly leant to us) but made it by memory. It was wonderful then to receive such a warm welcome and a tasty cup of coffee. Then a tour around the sun shades gave me a pattern for making our own for Sleeping Indian at a snip of the price to have them made. Then it was out to lunch.
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Rod drove us along the coast to the outside seating of The Blue Peter. Rod and Mary shared mussels, Bear chicken livers and I had mushrooms. A nice rose wine in great company with a gorgeous view.
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Road and Mary enjoyed hake and chips, Bear had ribs and baked potato and I had a huge bacon and avocado salad.
I stood on the edge of the patio and Bear gathered Rod and Mary, what a view.
My turn with Rod and Mary.
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Back at the house I so enjoyed the beautiful orchids.
We chatted until Kate came home when Bear’s eyes began to droop. I asked if we could have a picture of the four of us. Kate willingly agreed to be photographer and Rod suggested we stand by a picture of the much beloved Sheer Tenacity. Kate was worried the light from the left of us was to glaring so we stopped to rearrange.
Rearranged, with much giggling, a joyous picture.
Rod offered to take us home, Kate and Mary with lovely smiles.
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Cape Town, traffic and containers but what a backdrop.
                     SUCH A KIND FAMILY