Curry on Salty

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 5 Oct 2019 23:57
Curry Night on Salty Dog
Vince 14
This morning I settled to the mammoth task of filling Vince’s 3tb external hard drive. Like a hen at her chicks - set some copying, do some housework, check download, set more copying, more chores and repeat. Quite productive but slow going until we left Beez at five for a curry night on Salty Dog. Meanwhile, Bear and Vince bimbled up to the village – Bear to get more local rum at a pound a litre and Vince for some bits. They took this lovely picture of a little boy painting his sisters toes, patiently and with great care, whilst his friend (probably brother) looked on.
Vince 5
Settled on Salty, we were enjoying the snacks we had taken, when the sunset looked to be the start of a special one. No camera, well what can happen on a boat we had visited before with people we know, such a short distance away from Beez Neez ???
Vince 1
A corker of a sunset. We all hurried to the front. I had to ask for Vince’s pictures. Renee took this one of Ken, me, Bear, Beatie, Allen, Vince and Andre.
VInce 2
Vince’s attempt at a selfie, at least Renee is in this one.
Vince 3
To the left we could see rain falling on the mainland.
Vince 10  Vince 11
Vince 4
As the colour of the sky changed so the lightning began over Komba. It worked its way around the bay and circled slowly. We had a little rain, the breeze stiff enough to cool us down.
Vince 6
A spectacular light show and all the while the rainclouds got darker. Curry was help yourself with Renee’s bread, my salad and Allen’s potato side dish. For afters Beattie had baked a delicious brandy pudding with custard. The most wonderful thing about a group of yachties getting together is how a meal literally comes together, always different, always tasty and the accompanying stories and chat memorable.
                     A PROPER SATURDAY CURRY NIGHT