Camford Races

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 18 Jul 2013 22:57
Camford Race Day 
BF Cambox Race 034
Cheers from the crowd brought us out on deck to enjoy the racing.
This may not be the River Thames, these may not be the eights from Oxford and Cambridge, in fact there is nothing faintly OxBridge at all, but the fitness, practice sessions and dedication of the teams definitely make them CamFord.
BF Cambox Race 035
BF Cambox Race 039
Rain did not stop the excitement of the first race.
BF Cambox Race 057
The rain lessened for the ladies fives.
BF Cambox Race 099
The sun came out for the men’s threes.
BF Cambox Race 100
Hard fought to the end.
BF Cambox Race 110
The winners.
BF Cambox Race 114
One of the support craft.
BF Races 013
Tony at the front, Andy at the wheel of the officials boat.
BF Races 026
I’m only looking at their headdresses – honestly.
BF Races 026
OK maybe just one chest.....
BF Cambox Race 075
The exhausted ladies six champions.
BF Races 029
Delight and cheers.
BF Races 001
The ladies eights race was nail biting.
BF Cambox Race 066
The crowd went wild, well sort of.
BF Races 017
Final sprint.
BF Races 012
The yellow team won by a whisker.
BF Races 031
The men's eights winners.
BF Races 034
BF Races 036
Celebratory splashing. 
BF Races 042  BF Races 040
BF Races 052
Well, what a day, time for a well earned rest.