Sahelion Ki Bari

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sat 27 Apr 2019 22:47
The Stunning Garden called Sahelion Ki Bari in Udaipur
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We stepped through unremarkable gates but the fun thing was they and the lock were made in Liverpool. Inside to the right lots of pots.
Ahead, I was thrilled to see lots of pots used to make up a butterfly.
IMG_0013  IMG_0014
A rather grand pathway with lush, green lawns each side.
IMG_0015  IMG_0016
We saw a chap scruffing about and an empty fountain, oh dear, hope the others are working.
Through the main gate...........
.........and the central fountain. The chhatri in the centre is made from white marble, each corner has a chhatri in black marble. Sahelion ki Bari or The Garden of the Maids of Honour is a very well-maintained garden that was started in 1710, extra bits were added and it was completed in 1734. Maharana Sangram Singh II gave it to his queen as a gift (also the forty-eight maids) that were part of her dowry). The garden offered the ladies a safe place to bimble away from prying eyes and all the politics of court. The king designed the garden himself and we think he did a brilliant job
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Tucked in the shade was this little chap, he enjoyed small droplets as they splashed over the edge. Each side of the fountain is a pretty shelter.
We took a side path.
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To our right more lawned areas, to our left we looked up at the balcony the ladies could view this side of the garden. Loved the double pink bougainvillea.
IMG_0032  IMG_0048
We took a path to the right and found another fountain. Then on the left – the main water feature surrounded by water squirting marble elephants.
 IMG_0056  IMG_0058
We bimbled around the edge, a massive area of water lilies, the ladies had a balcony on the fountain side as well.
Bear did I see no ships, his trigger finger but this is my favourite.
IMG_0066  IMG_0060  IMG_0068
A couple of birds, one in good condition, the other not so well, gorgeous lamp.
The queens seat on the far side opposite the building.
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We found some blooms as we retook the side path.
IMG_0076  IMG_0077
Loved the gnarly, twisting shapes of these old bougainvillea.
 IMG_0069  IMG_0078  IMG_0080
Neat box hedges, new plants ready to go in and Bear dwarfed by the palm avenue.
As we prepared to leave time for a quick fridge magnet at one of the stalls.
                     VERY PRETTY LAYOUT