To Antigua

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 4 Jul 2012 21:19
Leaving Lake Atilan and Returning to Antigua
BB To Tony's and School 003
We were all packed, breakfasted and ready to leave our hotel at a quarter past nine for the launch to Panachel, where Raoul (our minibus driver) was there to meet us for the journey back to Antigua. We soon left the lakeside and rose steeply for our final view of the lake and the three green blocks of flats we had walked behind yesterday.
BB To Tony's and School 004  BB To Tony's and School 005
Raoul stopped at the waterfall, so tall I could only get Bear in the bottom half
BB To Tony's and School 011
Across the road we saw the waterfall continue on its way down to the lake.
BB To Tony's and School 013
Time for a group picture and a final look at the Senile Seven
BB To Tony's and School 021  BB To Tony's and School 024  BB To Tony's and School 023
BB To Tony's and School 026
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BB To Tony's and School 031
Back through villages and towns we had seen on Sunday and a group of newly towed in school buses
Raoul dropped us outside school. We bade farewell to the Senile Seven. Lord and Lady Mac fly out to Houston in the morning to visit family before going on a road trip to Yosemite on their motorbike. The others are returning to the Rio Dulce to rejoin their boats before home visits to South Africa. We bimbled in to school to be given a massive welcome. We sat and filled in our forms. Gulp. We are committed. Double Gulp. No school on Saturday, evening meal here every Thursday and lunch on Tuesday. The rest of our food will be provided by our host family except Sundays when we do our own thing. Mmm Roast Beef down the road. Yes after study. Treble Gulp. Claudia and the others bade us have a good day, paid for our taxi home and looked forward to seeing us bright and early at eight in the morning. Off we went with a Spanish Verb Tenses Book each under our arms and a notebook. Mucho Gulps.
BB Book 001  BB Book 002
                     LOTS OF GULPS.....AR.........ER.........IR